Sarah Jessica Parker (left) and Dree Hemingway(right) in Valentino

As all you females might be very aware of, Sex and the City 2 : Carrie On premiered yesterday in the glamourous city of New York. Sarah Jessica Parker sported a skinny, toned frame which I don't suits her at all. There was already a lot on controversy over the super airbrushed posters prior to the launch, maybe she feels like she had to live up to that image. I don't know. I seriously hope she lets down her guard soon and accepts her age. She is pretty, but tries much too hard to look young.

She chose a fluoro yellow number a la Valentino, who seems to have a sever case of yellow fever lately, judging by the strong citrus tones that are making his latest statement pieces (Spring 2010 couture). It's starting to feel old school. I actually think it suits her, and looks even better in bits and pieces on Dree Hemingway (right). What do you think? Is fluoro making a comeback??

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