I have too many photos! Excuse the image rain...

The night started out quietly in the Audi Show Room to escelate to a level of buzz and unique styles. The runway offered summer fresh dresses and flowing gowns mixed in with hard core leather details and zips. Basic and easy to wear, this label seemed very approachable in every way. The models carried roughed up hair, almost in dreads leaving the make up and other accessories unnecessary. Over all a simple, wearable and elegant show, which at the same time was entertaining and engaging. Thank you to the MOK Theorem team for inviting me to the show!

I had a good night, me and Bahar walked off very inspired to start something of out own. If only. I swear to myself that one day I will get to where my dreams lie. Becuase if these people can do it so can I. Be sure to keep an eye out for the new collection on MOK Theorems website, which will be posted soon.

me and B (are a little insane)

my new (dream) car.

found the maxi dresses different, stylish. which they are usually not.

definate favourite. loved this dress

was crushing on the girl second from the left... stunner!

canon moment.

goodies - paul mitchell, white glo, ferro rocher

I was in - tights from SUPRÉ, a lacey top bought in France, MINKPINK cardigan, shoes: Therapy, necklace: own make


Bub said...

Hey dear, looks like you had fun! The car you love is amazing and the fashion show looks amazing. Great photos
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Profound Point said...



linnea said...

sjukt snygga bilder!

that girl lucy said...

you lucky girl, jealous!
have to agree with your fave dress, amazing twisty/knotted(?) texture
and loving that killer leather look black mini too


Yve said...

Awesome job with the necklace! And like your tights too (:
Love the pants with the same texture as the dress, the wrap sort of look. Great pics!
And I finally got combat boots - very similar to the Payless ones but from Rubi, will post pics soon!


Sarah said...

those maxis are divine!


Emm said...

I love love love your shoes!
I just posted my photos and it seems we were on totally different sides so no wonder we didnt bump into each other =(
great shots, i love the edgey blonde model (the one tot he left of your favourite) so cool!