RMK Spring / Summer 2012

Aaaargh bring me summer already. I had the pleasure (and temptation) of visiting the beautiful people at RMK Shoes - and was put back in to that Summery state of mind that I am trying so hard to steer away from... But what's not to love about subtle pastels, gracious strappy heels and the oh-so-pretty metallic finishes. In store in September... try to not drool on the keyboard please...


How beautiful is this?



Representing brands like Wildfox, Low Luv by Erin Wasson, Mariana Hardwick, Superdry, Arena, Champion and the gorgeous Grace Boutique in Melbourne, to name a few, there wasn't much not to fall in love with at AMPR. A lot of these beautiful things made their way to my not-so-secret wish list... and not to mention the good hour I spent drooling over the latest Wildfox catalogue...



1. Beats 'SOLO' by Dr. Dre 2. KORA Organic Skin Care 3. Christian Louboutins 'Pigalle' Spike 4. YSL Oval Arty Ring 5. Chanel 461 'Blue Satin'
6. Canon 15mm 2.8 Fisheye 7. Bjorg bangle 8. Mulberry lizard-print leather and calf hair shoulder bag 9. iPad 3

Even though my birthday is more than a month away, I was asked what was on my wish list. As every time - I always say 'nothing special...'. I lied.


wood grain and raw hide

lola vs. harper shorts, ASOS scarf, staple the label knit, sugar sugar 'poll' heels, marc by marc jacobs watch

Don't know why I rebel and insist to wear shorts into winter. But backed with an awesome knit like this one and a snood I manage, plus I have my Viking reputation to live up to. I find myself wearing socks with my heels more and more - it's not only comfortable but keeps my toes happy & warm in sweet open toes like these ones. Winning.


Cara D

Sliiiight crush on Cara Delevingne right now.


C'est ça.

cocolatte 'Bonjour' knit, eQUIP hat, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Well ladies and gents. I think Autumn is in full swing, and as much as I want to deny this fact in my shorts, I'm at least happy to have this über cute knit by Coco Latte to keep my goosebumps at bay. I've been swamped with work this week - not exactly ideal but I like being a busy bee. Currently counting down for our get-away down the coast two weekends away.



I may or may not have brought Miss Tantalizing home with me...

Melbourne Diaries

The weekend of Fashionopolis in Melbourne involved a lot of festivities, fun meets & greets and a lot of pretty shoes. I had the pleasure of hanging out with other blogger beauties such as Em, Charmaine, Bianca, Jasmine, Claire, Sam, Twee and Trish, all whom were of course looking a million and just being generally awesome.