I have an obsession with Lady Gaga. She is SO hot. I must sound lesbian to people reading this blog but I just find her extremely intreguing... The vid to "Poker Face" is awesome. I'd love to work with shooting things like that, costume and set design. It would be mad. She's supporting the Pussycat Dolls when they come in May. We are doing in store promos and competitions to meet them back stage, I would LOVE to go to that concert... PCD would be so cool in show...

Uploading this weeks products. Starving. Can't wait til lunch... Can't wait til this weekend! The house warming should be good, and then having the Melbounre gang here will be a blast. Thank gohd I'm not working...

Eye of the Phoenix

Haha bet I had you fooled. The previous post was somehting I did years ago when I started getting familiar with photoshop. Please ignore, I had a slight obsession.

Drawing tattoos.. Probably cause I'd love to get one myself but am too wussy to do it. Love beautiful tattos.


Yup. That is me and Orlando Bloom.


First Day of Summer

Deserves to be celebrated somehow. I didn't like this dress when I saw it first, but it was cream with a black trim. Found it inverted, and I love it. Very short (!) but it's fun to wear. Gohd. Never thought I'd buy Supre, but seeing so many different products day in and day out some just stick out, and this one did.

Can't wait til Friday. And it's only Monday.

...speaking (and thinking) of HOT


Drool. Wonder if these two ever hooked up. Bet they play each other hot and cold, leave hints, tease play. And never be direct.

Poker Face.

How suiting. Happens to one of the songs stuck in my head, and just so telling. Just saw the vid, she's got some sizzle that Lady Gaga. In general it feels like my world has turned up side down. I don't feel in control, and I don't feel satisfied. Haven't felt like this for a long, long time.

Poker Face


Shoes of Summer 2008

I WISH. Kill for those beaded McCartneys...

Stop and stare.

Kept looking through their collection and I remeber this photo very well. It was enlarged in their window and I can remeber not being able to stop looking at it while I was working. I absolutely love it, both the clothes and the girl. Damn I wish I had the money to spend... and who's going to SA this winter..!? I am just trying to distract myself... and not think about things. Disappointment is not the best feeling in the world. Especially if it's from that someone... But I guess he has his reasons. I just wish I knew what they were.

...in my misery

...I was looking back at Graduation days as I was scouting through FOREVER NEWs webpage, and found my dress that I bought just for grad. I love it, it doesn't fit me perfect but it's still beautiful. FORVER NEW is awesome at a more than reasonable price. Wonder who does their photoshoots... We sure could learn a thing or two from them.


Why does it always feel I'm the one doing something wrong?


Frilled Shorts. Yes.


Trying to get inspired, found this awsome chick on YouTube, she has absolutely rad make up tips and tricks. Her smokey eye tutorial is well worth watching. Gorgeous girl, "itsliz" under my links. Check out the vid here. Now that killed fifteen minutes of my day. Whoo.

My brother came to Oz on Thursday last week. We've been working on the new release of the SUPRÉ ME magazine these past two weeks, and it's been majorly hectic. But now it's gone to print and I'm quite confident it will look good. My brother came sort of towards the end of it all, and I had to work a Sunday so we would get the mag ready in time, which meant I could take Thursday off to pick him up at the airport. Geeze. It's weird to have a day off like that. It felt so damn good!

Nice "family" dinner on Saturday night, but realized we need to get sooo many more things for the kitchen. I had to eat off a side plate with minature cutlery, but at least we had enough big pates and wine glasses for the guests! Lol. Got our dining chairs this week, they look simple. But good.

I NEED TO USE MY CAMERA MORE. My brother's fully gone and bought a video camera, saying that he's going to keep updateing his video blog while he's Down Under. Video blog?! Sighs. I am so yesterday.

Bought two fish for the tank. They're kinda shy, so one is called Wegkruipertjie... Cos it means Hide& Seek. I'm so smart.



This has to be one of my favourite campaigns. Absolutely loved it. And yes, I bought things from it... Not one dress, but TWO. Ouch. The golden one was one of them. I've only ever worn it once but I will guard it with my life. Hats off to you, Mr.Cavalli!

Find you where?

Probably the only fun product we got this week. Just finished cutting, they're all on the website. Check out the new background and home page too. Trying to get somewhere with the bags - it's a bit of a challenge, especially today.

VH1 has been on all day, they're doing some sort of pop band feature... Been tuning out to Spice Girls, 5ive, Backstreet Boys... It was a spin out! lol.

Mm... Can't wait for the weekend. Or rather can't wait for tomorrow. This sh*t weater is really getting to me. I can't wait for summmmmer!!