This has to be one of my favourite campaigns. Absolutely loved it. And yes, I bought things from it... Not one dress, but TWO. Ouch. The golden one was one of them. I've only ever worn it once but I will guard it with my life. Hats off to you, Mr.Cavalli!

Find you where?

Probably the only fun product we got this week. Just finished cutting, they're all on the website. Check out the new background and home page too. Trying to get somewhere with the bags - it's a bit of a challenge, especially today.

VH1 has been on all day, they're doing some sort of pop band feature... Been tuning out to Spice Girls, 5ive, Backstreet Boys... It was a spin out! lol.

Mm... Can't wait for the weekend. Or rather can't wait for tomorrow. This sh*t weater is really getting to me. I can't wait for summmmmer!!