Some of you might have caught the small feature on ACA on Monday about the apparently "new celebrity health craze" : Coconut Water. It is supposedly a healthy option to sportsdrinks and is said to re-hydrate and help you lose weight. As we haven't heard that before. I looked in to it a little bit more as Nudie Juice is launching their very own coconut water within the next few months, and it does seem to be a healthier option to say for example, Gatorade.

Coconut water vs Gatorade
Gatorade: 6.25 calories, 1.75 grams sugar, 3.75 mg potassium, 13.75 mg sodium
Coconut water: 5.45 calories, 1.3 grams sugar, 61 mg potassium, 5.45 mg sodium

Many of the commercial coconut water manufacturers are claiming the lower sodium content in coconut water is a good thing. It is, if you're on a low sodium diet. But sports nutritionists say you need more sodium when working out to replace what you lose in sweat. They advise that you sprinkle a dash of salt on your oatmeal before exercise to keep your levels up.

Many celebs have been sppotted drinking it, including Madonna, Rihanna, Demi Moore, Lara Bingle etc. But comes to show most of them have either been sponsored by it or even bought a share in the coconut water's label.

It is however, (surprise) no miracle cure for anything, and will not make you look like Miranda Kerr. But hey if you like coconuts then by all means I'm sure that this would make you feel great after a work out. I'm keen to try it once it hits stores and will be sure to review it here for you, but I'm suspecting I will be sticking to my pomegranate juice as a healthy option drink. Here is more info on Nudie's Coconut Water.

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Dusk said...

Coconut water is the most natural liquid you can drink. Yes, more than water! Coconut water has been used in emergency cases to give plasma transfusions because it has the same level of electrolytic balance we have in our blood.

Also...coconut water may have less sodium but it is an isotonic beverage which more than adequately replaces electrolytes, so extra salt is not needed.

Salt wise, anything other than Celtic Sea Salt is a joke. Google 'Celtic Sea Salt' Steph and read about it....it's the reason salt was once considered a miracle mineral.

Other fruit juices contain fructose, which is a very evil form of sugar.
...all this flavoured coconut water is ridiculous though and destroys the purpose of it, and also this notion that it's a new thing. Oh just because Hollywood has caught on it must be!

SE Asians and Pacific Islanders have been drinking coconut water for centuries! Indians call the coconut tree "the tree of life".