What a show! I think me and Sonia were both a bit reluctant to going yesterday, when we found out the show didn't finish until just before 11. We're both "old" (in our heads), and knew that another hectic day at work awaited the next day. But we went, of course, and I LOVED IT. My parents have raved on about CATS since I was little, if I'm not mistaken they have seen it in New York when they used to live there. It reminds me of the years of ballet, which were many for me. It reminded me of Fay, my dance teacher. The whole show smellt like it used to smell like backstage, waiting. The production was fantastic, I highly recommend it to each and everyone of you. x


Bloggarmaja said...

häftigt :)

Bub said...

Cats is my all-time favorite musical!! I rmbr when I was a little girl, my mum bought me the tape and after watching it once, I knew the lyrics and the dance steps. So I dressed up like one and started dancing and singing around the house. Cats came to HK for the first time and I was really happy to watch it!

ps. You look gorgeous
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Dusk said...

Even though it was not cool to like Cats, this was my favourite musical!! I had the soundtrack on permanent repeat! I am so going to see this again!

You would have eventually become too tall for ballet yes? You look about 5'9"!