I was lucky enough to catch a cancelled appointment at Sloan's Hair Salon in Lane Cove this afternoon. I am a firm believer in "meant to be" and I've wanted to fix up my hair for a while now as it's gone reddish (!! emergency) so I said why not. Sitting here staring at my foiled head right now. A bit anxious, actually. If it's not catastophic I might show you tomorrow.
Will definately tell you more about this salon though. It's fabulous. xo


that girl lucy said...

gorgeous photo, dress and heels!
i love the exposed zipper
where is it from?
and you should def post some pics of your new hair :)

Nia B said...

Great blog! I am so glad I found it. You are original in approach to fashion, and I love that. So many bloggers copy the most popular blogs thinking they will have an over night sensation, but to be honest it takes time, effort and originality, which you definitely have. I will keep reading :)

Oh...cute dress and fierce boot! You look fab! I am now a follower. Hope you will make my blog a daily read as well.

Nia B
Dubai's It Girl