Managed to haul myself up off the couch and drag my sorry ass to the post office to pick up a package. It was a parcel from home! Mm... I miss my fam! It was the pair of jeans I asked my Mum to get me, she's the best my Mum. A definite for tomorrow, if I'm off to work *fingers crossed*

Watching Twilight. Can't ever get enough!? It's so lame. Soon baby's home - yay! Spoiling myself in the meantime with my very own Chai... Mm... Cold cold go away...


Sexy biatch.


Mmm... so since it's been a while that we've been back now, I am really starting to miss my bike. Everything was so much easier when I had it. October is the time for me to get a new one, and it's kinda already all falling into place since my man is getting rid of his. We found these fairings online, which we're gonna whack onto his GSXR and then make it mine. Mwhaha. I can't wait!

So this is something like what it's going to look like after it's been re-vamped. Ordering the fairings sometime this week, we'll get them fitted ourselves. Also fixing up the tank and re-spraying it. I'm hopefully gonna have some time to custom design vinyls to go on the tank as well. October, where art thou?

Coughing up my Lungs

Eh. I usually never get sick but when I do, I really do. Started the friday on my first week back. Yes there was alot to do and it ended up being quite stressful, but at the same time i LOVE my job and it's such a pain in the backside when you can't give it all you have just because you're busy trying to breathe... So today I've taken the day off, after trying hard yesterday to manage a day at my desk which proved to be much more difficult than I imagined. I think todays rest might do the trick though, I'm starting to feel a bit better. One of those killer flus with major body aches (I can't even roll my eyes without it hurting... !?)... taking everything possible to make me better. I even tried swallowing a whole clove of garlic last night (which I almost choked on... I thought I was going to die, no joke) so I seriously better see some results tomorrow.

In the couch, bored, watching the first transformers. Megan Fox is so hot. Just got the Transformers 2 soundtrack the other day, and found myself listening to it alot. It's not bad. Not bad at all.


All Knotted Up

Just wanted to show off my works! Stefan's mum taught me how to knit when we were there, and as I do I got carried away. I've just made two scarves so far, but they're awesomly comfy! One is so long I could probably cut it up and make a jumper out of it... Oops.

Tribal Summer

Yeow. Just got emailed about Wittner's new Summer campaign. I can sum it up for you - HOT! Too bad for those of you not living in Australia... but I guess they always have an online shop. Don't know what they charge for shipping though.

I've found in the past that their shoes are quite expensive and not always the hottest, but the past six months they've really started to pick up their game. There are some hot little numbers in this seasons collection. Not to mention the shoot. Wow! These puppies caught my eye:


South Africa 2009

So as you might have gathered, no updates the past month because... I WAS ON HOLIDAY! Mohaha. The first proper holiday for me in about two years time. And let me tell you, it was nothing short of magical. Looking at the photos I reminisce about our time there - it almost feels like it never happened.

The whole trip is quite hard to describe, we did so much and saw so many things. There are too many memories, laughs and treasured moments that I don't know where to begin. I will try and sum up the trip for you, although you probably never will see how much this trip has opened my eyes, and all the wonderful experiences it's given me.

our first camp in the Kruger - Lower Sabie

It started by arriving in Cape Town, and spending the first week in Stellenbosch. This place is beautiful, full o little boutique- esque shops, wine farms, amazing mountains, awesome local pubs and friendly people. This week was mostly about birthdays, dinners, pub nights, family and knitting. I learnt how to knit the third day, and managed to finish my own scarf a week later! (so proud). Got a bit too drunk one night, but it was my boys birthday so it's all good. =)

my night of awesomeness... here I'm trying to blend with the rest of the "emo" filled crowd... how funny.

We also went four wheel driving in the sand dunes - I drove a little bit and I didn't roll the car whoohoo! I also learned how to shoot an air rifle, and actually hit the target. Enemies watch out.

After this week we packed up two Hilux cars and began our drive towards Johannesburg, where we were meeting my parents. Two days later we were on our way to the Kruger National Park (yes, the park your have all heard about, with all the wild animals stretching 600ks from top to bottom... COOL!) It was so good to see Mammi and Pappi again, I miss them ever so. And not to mention lil brother. I don't eel complete without him. Once in the Kruger we got to our first camp, and set off straight away to look fr animals. You have to be back at your camp at 5pm because they close the gates, to keep people from getting lost in the dark with all the lions... hehe. The first day we saw Impala, Buffalo, Rhino, Giraffes, Zebras, Kudu, a few Eagles, Crocodiles, Hippos, Waterbuck, a monitor Lizard, Monkeys... and probably more. We stayed in "tents" that were basically little self-contained houses but with a tent roof. Amazing! At night we went to our parent's house for a braai. (South African style BBQ - YUM.)

The remaining 4 days we had in the Kruger were all about the animals - we were out every morning by 6 or 7 and saw so much. We had spotted the Big Five by midday on our second day, which is apparently very lucky. Some people don't see much at all when they go. We saw Elephants, Lions, Leopards (very rare), Desert Foxes, Wildabeast, Fishing Eagles, Ostriches, Hyenas, Vulchers, Baboons... the list goes on and on. All were equally amazing, but I love the Leopards and the Giraffes...

On our way back from the Kruger (3 days drive back to Cape Town) we stopped at the highest Bungy in the world called the Bloukrans bungy. It's 214 m high, making it a no-go for at least me, but my brother and Mareli both jumped... I get goosbumps just thinking about it...!

Back in the Cape Stef took us up to Table Mountain, which was absolutely fabulous. Oh and also, on the road back to the Cape we stopped at an ostrich farm, where I got to feed one... let me tell you that they are actually quite intimidating! I was struggling to keep my hand in place when it was about to peck on me..!

To sum up the story, I was very emotional leaving SA. I had so much fun and loved the simplicity of life there so much that I didn't want to leave it. I caught myself thinking of going back to Sydney, the big city life which is fun, but is sometimes just so fake and superficial. I love Sydney, but sometimes you just need a break and begin to appreciate the things that really matter in life. I felt that on that trip I had everything. I was having fun, I had my family, my brother, always something to do, and I had Stef. Think we're already planning our next trip back, in about a year. Can't wait.