T-babe made us sexy enough for the Sunday Telegraph. Haha.


whoooa... anticipating this movie much?



Just came home from a long day. On my agenda now lies - leftovers, brandy&coke and a a lot, a lot of love. =) SO digging out this from the magazine stands tomorrow morning with my coffee... x



Just before I go I have to report my findings form my fave Swedish blogs. Are there any Aussie fashion blogs out there worth a look? Let me know cause I'm all out...! Now awaits a clean of the new car, a beautiful dinner, SAVANNAHS (yes we went to the SA shop today...!) and big cuddles. Big ones. xo







Pumping this song for the last hour, it's awesome. Hadn't heard it until today on the radio when we were in the car. Youtube tells me it's at least 3 months old. Hello! Where has it been!? And who is Jason DeRulo?? Lovin this song anyway. Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" is not anything like this, but considering I can't listen to that song without bursting into tears this is a nice change. Can't believe she'd sell that song like this though... really it's better than that. But hey who knows, maybe she was desperate and this is not bad.

OK so BIIIIG news. My baby bought us a car today. And he didn't even SAY anything!! He is so sneaky. We had a friend ova for brekkie in the morning, and then went to the auctions as planned (we're looking for outdoor furniture, but there wasn't much) so we went back to his cousins house. And then he left. I was like... what-? thinking him and my baby had a fight or something and just wanted to leave. So we had no way to get home. Stef whispers to me that we were walking. (I go OK... thinking that it's at least a 4 hour walk...WTF...!? I'm too accepting sometimes..) So we said goodbyes and then left. I was ready to hitch so I took big steps towards the road thinking F YEA let's do this! Finally some exercise. The sun is out, it's a bit windy but oh well, and OFF I WENT. In the meantime Stef gets out a key and pops it into the door of one of the cars in their driveway and says that we got to borrow the car. I stop my stomping, turn around and dumbfounded go - Oh. Got in the car. Have a few questions- feels a bit weird to just take someone's car like that. "Actually baby, I bought the car."...


We have a car!! WE HAVE A CAR! It's unbelievable. I didn't know what to say. I knew we both wanted one, and considering we both just bought brand new motorbikes neither of us wanted something fancy, just something to get around in and transport things in. Especially when it's raining. So we have a car! I still can't believe it. Needs a bit of a clean and a bit a sprusing up, but it's perfect for us. A little dark blue Hyundai Excel. It's a typical surfer bums car - something I've wanted sincde I moved to Australia. It's so perfect. Gonna go downstairs and give a good clean just now before dinner. Happiness!!!



cropped top: SUPRÉ, scarf: SUPRÉ, shorts: ginatricot (customized by moi),
sportsgirl, bag: gucci, belt: H&M,
bracelets: diva and peeptoe, lots of biiig riiings.

The hangover is getting to me now. And I'm still at the office at 5:30. Ick. A night out and work the next day staring at a screen just don't mix. But I'm gonna MAKE them mix. As soon as I get my ass to the train I'm going to look forward to a quiet, relaxing beginning to my evening with a glass of riesling and a lesson in cooking with my master chef boyfriend. Love. There is nothing better than coming home to him on a Friday. Nothing.

Had planned to go to Tab this weekend for a hair update but I haven't managed to get a time... which is a bit of a shame. So we are going to the markets tomorrow, after breakfast at ours. I wanna go to the beeeeeach... Hopefully there will be time for that too. Getting back to work for another hour now, and then I'm off. Congratulations to Stina again, who finally got her little daughter on Tuesday. I wish you all the best. xo


I'm getting much too old to go out in the week! Phew. Could hardly drag my bum to the office this morning. But what a good night. Cocktails, celebs and fashion bananza. People inspire me. Thank you to miss Sophie for giving me and T-babe such an awsome night. Can't wait for the weekend... but first there are about another 500 images to re touch. Do it do it do it!



Tonight Zeta Bar is celebrating their 4th birthday with the new launch of Belvedere Vodka's new Black Raspberry. Because I have such awesome friends I have a plus one invite and I really want to go. I have to leave the office early anyway to pick up a parcel (hope it's from Mum...) so maybe I will jus have to make my way there. Haven't been out in sooo long.


Had a nightmare about my baby boy Jack. I miss you so much puppy... Just wrote Mum an email to see if he's OK. I know he's getting wiser (older) so I worry about him sometimes. What I wouldn't give to have him here with me.


Have come to the conclusion that I am having a bad week. I don't feel inspired, I don't feel happy, I just feel like everything is wrong, doesn't fit or needs to be changed. I wanna go out, I want to stay home. I want more curves, I want to be skinnier. I want to go shopping, I don't want to spend my money. I want a holiday, I want to work harder. Just everything seems out of place and I don't know what I want. I hate feeling like this.

Though I know it's just a phase, and I know I'm just acting silly at times like this waking up early on a Thursday to read my favourite blogs with my morning coffee before heading to work is such good therapy. I can see that everyone has bad days. And everyone gets over them, and so will I. Can't wait til this week is over.

And for those of you wondering, Sydney survived it's sand storm. Even though it left every single car covered in a cm of dust and all the car washers very very rich. ;)

simply beautiful. a new fave is almaanies.



Woke up this morning to the strangest smell. It smelt like wet sand, kind of like a walk on the beach in pouring rain. I'd slept really uneasy all night, tossing and turning even though I was oh so tired. When the alarm went off I finally decided to open my eyes and outside the window Sydney looked like this:

Dooms day? Armageddon? Total Recall? What the F is this!? Baby had to go to work, I was slightly worried considering you couldn't see like 5 cm in front of you! But somehow he managed to get there safe. Don't ask me how. The news told us that Sydney was experiencing the worst dust storm in it's history, and that everything was getting covered in dust.

(That's the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background... cannot even see it...!) Dust storm or no dust storm, I still have work to do so I'm gonna finish up my coffee as usual and head out. Note to self: no whites today... haha ;) Guess Sydney can't always be sunshine and lollipops.



Baby socks in the form of a cupcake. Picked them up yesterday, as a gift for a friend. I couldn't resist. Am also sending a pair (in my mind!) to Stina who is expecting any day soon... Thinking of you! ... I'm acting very maternal lately.. it's a biiiit weeeeird... haha



Saw my third bus ad just today after work, it's crusing around the city in it's many examples. Quite happy with this one... =) It was a bit of a break from all the photo retouching. Also saw Bardot's bus (they've bought the WHOLE back of the bus)... and it looks stunning. They've used about 6 or 7 different models of all shapes, sizes and skin colour. Very very cool.


Raging start to the week. It's 7am and I've been up for 2 hours already. But I'm that tired it feels like I just woke up. Another hectic week awaits at the office, but at least now I'll have the help of my side kick lovely miss Sophie. Just finished my coffee& toast and waiting to be picked up- even had time to speak to my parents quickly this morning. Amazing. If I can be this productive all week I'll be flying! And hopefully back to my normal life. If you can call it normal ;)

Browsing thru pics from the VMAs while sitting here.. No wonder that Kanye bastard fucked up.