there are tigers in my closet

maui's tiger - www.tighttigers.com

Cannot begin to describe how bloody happy I am that it is the weekend. I have spent more tim in the office than anywhere else, and I am exhausted and tired of 12 hour working days.

So seven deadly little things have moved in with me. Their names are Maui, Eliza, Justin, Carmen, Johanna, Fontaine and Isabella. They each have different personality, mood and feel. But I love them all equally and you'll be seeing much more of them here.

And before you go, check this out - www.tighttigers.com I launched the new tt website today. Reeow.


coffee to go

Bloody perfection.

Hopefully I have some exciting news for you all tomorrow. Until then kids x


fine company

We had some damn fiiiine company in the studio yesterday. Little miss Molly :) x


little miss busy

Bad updates the last few days. I KNOW. I have been running around (even on the weekend) like a mad cow trying to get things done. It's a hectic life. What to do except for have a glass of wine or two and try to breathe a little. I got ten seconds to myself today. Those ten seconds were spent in the bathroom. Not cool.



the sydney rooftops

photos: me, make up: kelly bowman (kellybowman.com.au), styling: lizzie macpherson, new arrivals soon @ supre.com.au

A little peek in to my world on Friday afternoon. We were shooting the SUPRÉ AUTUMN / WINTER 11 campaign on the beautiful roof tops of Sydney with Casey (Vivien's), Kendal (Chadwick) and Lewy (Vivien's). Couldn't help but give you a sneak peek as of what's to come as it's quite exciting. Don't know if some of you (Aussies, at least) have noticed that the look and feel of the brand is changing. I'm not just saying that because I am a part of it but because I can actually feel and see the better change.

Anyway, the day was long and the weather was hot, but as you can see we still had fun. Both of these girls are close at heart because they are an absolute pleasure to work with, as well as being just ridiculously beautiful. Lewy was awesome to have onboard as well, never worked with him but it's always good to get a bit of manly action in there ;) Final results to come xo


ready for the weekend

outfit & details from the week that was - MANGO jeans, Africa bracelets, H&M bag, therapy booties

I know it's Saturday but my life is still going a million miles an hour. Luckily I got to sleep in this morning, till 10:30 (OMG) as the boys are out fixing a CD / stereo / awesome sound system for the Hilux. It only came with a tape recorder (old skoool!) so it needs a bit of umphf. On Friday we shot a lifestyle campaign for SUPRÉ, with two of my favourite ladies. Photos to come.

We are BBQing on the balcony tonight and praying for summer to last just that little bit longer. I am hearing from left, right and center how people can't wait for winter. What is wrong with you people!? The only reason I am waiting on winter is because my leather vest from BRAVE by Wayne Cooper is arriving. Yeeew!

PS - Incase you missed it, there is a little giveaway happening on the watermeloncrush facebook page. Get involved xo


arrr the tigers

Video from the tighttigers show in December, check out the new site that just launched at tighttigers.com

Watch out world, this shiet 'bout to get hectic.

PS - see if you can spot a little me...? ;) xo


little valentine

The love of my life SPOILT me for Valentine's Day. Guess what I'm doing now? :)

tuesday times

Yesterday we were shooting new arrivals as per usual. It ended up to be a long and busy day, also prepping for a shoot on Friday which I am
super excited about. More on that later. xo