jeans: tattoo, top: SUPRÉ, necklace: thomas sabo

Farck. What a week. I can't believe it's over! I've been busy with new posters and ads as we got the photos from the latest campaign today. Somehow I managed to get it all done, and it looks fabulous. Once I can, I will give you a little preview. I also figured out what I'm wearing to Tonia's hens night tomorrow... it's going to be a wild one. But now I'm going home to cuddle with my bunny called Shanks and make dinner for me and my boy. And maybe cuddle him a bit too.

PS - I picked up these jeans for $40 at Tattoo. LOVE much. They are so awesome.


I got a White Glo toothpaste, brush and mini brushes in the MOK Theorem goodie bag at the end of the show. For fun's sake, I'm going to see if this stuff actually works. Will keep you posted. xo



shirt: my mans, necklaces: thomas sabo

...wear your boyfriends clothes. Ergh. I was not in the mood this morning, I had a fanatstic evening last night at the Manly Pavillion's re opening party with lovely miss Sophie. It's been too long since we caught up, so I was very happy seeing her. Her man, Grant, was behind the bar pouring all the guests effing fabulous cocktails and I was kicking myself for volunteering to drive. But I slipped a sneaky one in. Or two.



Well I was up and out of bed just after 4am this morning. Took baby to work and he made me a bacon and egg roll. Mm. Drove in the pouring rain to another full on day at work, to after head to Manly for a restaurant opening with my lovely friend Sophie. So happy that my man is coming with me, he very rarely does.

As I was doing my face this morning I realized I haven't mentioned my new mascara to you guys. As you might have read before I am quite picky with my mascara, as I use it almost every day and LOVE a good mascara. This one is one of the best I have ever had. It's called Peep Show and comes from Napoleon make up. It fills and extends and has a perfectly sized wand. Napoleon have a range of mascara's, but this is the only one I've tried. Love it. You can get it from any Napoleon outlet near you (click) or online (click).


Sarah Jessica Parker (left) and Dree Hemingway(right) in Valentino

As all you females might be very aware of, Sex and the City 2 : Carrie On premiered yesterday in the glamourous city of New York. Sarah Jessica Parker sported a skinny, toned frame which I don't suits her at all. There was already a lot on controversy over the super airbrushed posters prior to the launch, maybe she feels like she had to live up to that image. I don't know. I seriously hope she lets down her guard soon and accepts her age. She is pretty, but tries much too hard to look young.

She chose a fluoro yellow number a la Valentino, who seems to have a sever case of yellow fever lately, judging by the strong citrus tones that are making his latest statement pieces (Spring 2010 couture). It's starting to feel old school. I actually think it suits her, and looks even better in bits and pieces on Dree Hemingway (right). What do you think? Is fluoro making a comeback??



I'm going to finish off my necklace tonight after heading to the gym first... My man has coffee with a friend so I'm alone for the beginning of the evening. It happens to me at this time every year- I get the shits with everything and everyone, including myself. Things aren't good enough, fast enough, pretty enough, smart enough. I don't know why this happens but I know that I just have to keep my mind off it... Cause I know I'm just being ridiculous. Off to the gym.


Namibian model Behati Prinsloo (you might recognize her as a Victoria's Secret girl) and her IRL man Jamie Strachan shot Meet Me at the Corner for i-D Magazine Summer 2010. This short film- The Corner, accompanied the shoot which was done by Kayt Jones. Tugs a bit at my heart strings... Me and my baby first kissed under a tree, at the corner.



looks like everything that can go wrong has for Misch

I've followed this lady gone down hill after the O.C flunked it's last season and just went to shiet. But wow, has it gone too far. She looks absolutely horrible! These are images of her at the Cannes Festival recently. I don't recognize her. I know she has battled personal problems and been in and out of rehab, but WTF. Make up? Hair? CLOTHES? STYLE? Where did it all go?

I try to remeber her as what I got to know her as. She was so beautiful as Marissa in the O.C's first season, wow. Hopefully Mischa Barton can find back to herself soon... if it's not too late... What do you guys think? Do you prefer the old Marissa - Mischa? Or the new Lady Gaga cross Amy Winehouse - Mischa??

Mischa used to be SIZZLING hot


Severe case this morning. I had a lovely realxing weekend but I still feel like I have walked in to a wall. So tired. And so much to do today. When I get home, I'm going for a good session at the gym, and then putting myself in a bath. I'll be foaming it up with this - Palmolive's new "Nutra-Fruit" in Kiwi. No it's not really a bubble bath, it's a shower gel but it smells so good that I'm going to tip it in to my bath tonight. Available in Madrarin, Pomegranate and Kiwi this will probably end up being my new best friend over winter, along with my fluffy slippers and wooly jumper ;)



I have too many photos! Excuse the image rain...

The night started out quietly in the Audi Show Room to escelate to a level of buzz and unique styles. The runway offered summer fresh dresses and flowing gowns mixed in with hard core leather details and zips. Basic and easy to wear, this label seemed very approachable in every way. The models carried roughed up hair, almost in dreads leaving the make up and other accessories unnecessary. Over all a simple, wearable and elegant show, which at the same time was entertaining and engaging. Thank you to the MOK Theorem team for inviting me to the show!

I had a good night, me and Bahar walked off very inspired to start something of out own. If only. I swear to myself that one day I will get to where my dreams lie. Becuase if these people can do it so can I. Be sure to keep an eye out for the new collection on MOK Theorems website, which will be posted soon.

me and B (are a little insane)

my new (dream) car.

found the maxi dresses different, stylish. which they are usually not.

definate favourite. loved this dress

was crushing on the girl second from the left... stunner!

canon moment.

goodies - paul mitchell, white glo, ferro rocher

I was in - tights from SUPRÉ, a lacey top bought in France, MINKPINK cardigan, shoes: Therapy, necklace: own make



Tonight me and my lovely lady Bahareh are going to the MOK Theorem Fashion Show SS 11 @ the Audi Show room in Sydney. Yes, I'm a busy woman this week. Can't wait for this one though, I was very excited when I recieved the invitation. The label has been familiar to me for a while, but I have never done my research or looked further in to it. Tonight I will. It will be interesting to see what the catwalk has in store. I'm shooting a bit suring the night, so keep a look out for pictures from the night. First, work.

PS - In the meantime, check out their odler collections on their site.


What a show! I think me and Sonia were both a bit reluctant to going yesterday, when we found out the show didn't finish until just before 11. We're both "old" (in our heads), and knew that another hectic day at work awaited the next day. But we went, of course, and I LOVED IT. My parents have raved on about CATS since I was little, if I'm not mistaken they have seen it in New York when they used to live there. It reminds me of the years of ballet, which were many for me. It reminded me of Fay, my dance teacher. The whole show smellt like it used to smell like backstage, waiting. The production was fantastic, I highly recommend it to each and everyone of you. x


oversize knit cardigan, SUPRÉ

This is my lover this winter. It is super cosy and keeps me warm all the time. Love the old school feel about it too. Click here to buy it online or head to your nearest SUPRÉ store. x