As promised earlier, the beautiful people at Elwood Clothing have put on an awesome competiion for all us Instagram addicts - not that you even really have to make an effort to go in the draw to win a $500 Elwood wardrobe AND and iPad (weak at the knees already...) - just snap away as per usual, and hashtag #elwoodclothing, and your Insta-creation will face the jury to eventually end up on a T-Shirt.

Yes please.

Start snapping and make sure to use the tag #elwoodclothing - there is no limit to the amount of entries so do ya thaaang. x


only mistake is if you're standing still

Bettina Liano 'Geo-wave' jeans, Peeptoe 'Miss Pixie' heels, Banjo & Matilda 'Manhattan Sweater', Elwood 'Anarchy' jacket

Couldn't resist taking my new jeans out for a walk in the park - I've become more a pants girl this winter which is quite surprising, given how picky I am when it comes to length and fit. But these babies are perfect, both fit - and not to mention that print.

This necklace keeps me grounded and reminds me that not everyone is perfect - I had it made by someone awesome I stumbled on over on Etsy - that place really is full of inspiration.

life through a lens

1. breakfast 2. new jeans @Bettina Liano 3. in Elwood knit 4. Bermagui getaway

5. macaroon heaven 6. party hair 7. DIY jacket post 8. watching the GP

9. four AM starts on Sunday 10. nightlights 11. buzzing... 12. me and my brother being idiots in NYC

13. day in Dee-Why 14. in Camilla and Marc thanks to Frockaholics 15. Mother denim @ AMPR showing 16. like home.

17. today in NOWHERE 18. Dion Lee LOVE 19. Ebony 20. on the wish list @Nike

When there is no time to blog there is Instagram.

Sometimes I take to this genius little creation to share with you the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly of the little life of watermeloncrush. And don't mind the occasional 'outfit post' in a Jedi bathrobe, that's normal, at least for us.

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drop two

Continuing with a small second drop, this dress form Nowhere is next on my wish list. It's just perfect.



elwood 'northside' chinos, elwood 'st germain top', pulp booties, ray-ban aviators, naomi levi bucket bag

Finding a pair of pants that are a.) comfortable and b.) well fitting, is like finding a designer handbag in a Vinnie's store. These Elwood 'Northside' chinos are the type of pants you can strut around in on a Friday night without feeling under dressed, something I find to be the main resin for never wearing pants on special occasions. Plus! They are long enough for my Bambi-esque legs. Thank the lord, someone who understand the difficulty and / or frustration of being long legged.

I'm off to spend the evening with my man who is turning the big 30 today. Being a Monday night I've been requested to cook up a favourite spaghetti bolognese and set up a chilled evening on the couch.

Happy girlie.

star crossed LOVERS

As a Romeo & Juliet admirer since I first read it in high school, I cannot resist re-posting this campaign.
The best I've seen from the Wildfox girls.

Wildfox Fall 2012, Star Crossed Lovers

Mark Hunter
Models: Nicola Haffmans, Liza Yermalovich, Jake Cooper, Jacob Young
Makeup: Carlene K
Hair: Tyron
Styling: Kimberley Gordon, Emily Faulstich, Meredith Leyerzaph

just the special ones

For a change I wasn't behind the camera on our last road trip celebrating my man's big three-oh, as a professional in the group decided to take this matter in to his own hands and work his magic. I happily stepped aside and was left to ponder with my amateur video-making skills, I learnt a lot just from watching him.

Yes, we're a special bunch of people. But we have a lot of fun.



bless'ed are the meek skirt via westfield.com.au, cocolatte knit, sports girl wedges, POSSO vs. Volcom 'phones

Yes maybe it was a liiiittle bit too cold to wear this today, but I couldn't help myself when I received this insanely cool leather skirt earlier this week.

Om nom nom.

Bless'ed are the Meek have always been a dear favourite of mine, and their show at MBFWA was one I still think back to. I can't really pinpoint what it is about this brand that make them awesome, but I know I love it.


three things

1. Elwood cropped trackies 2. MOR Cucumber & Casaba handcream 3. POSSO vs. Volcom headphones

Winter is not my favourite season, but things like these make it liveable. I guess. A good pair of trackies is definitely my go to, and these Elwood ones are both soft and look cool - winning.

I never go a Winter without an amazing hand cream, a recent discovery is from MOR and is absolutely divine. And you all knew I can't live without my music.