My Christmas present from my amazing family. Gosh I miss them. And yes, you can be jealous now :)



the little rabbit skirt, H&M bag, KON singlet, pulp booties, South Africa find necklace

FCKN whoooop it's Friday! I didn't think I was going to get through the week, even though it was a short one. My car died on me, I've been jet-lagged, weather has been too hot, busy at work, not slept well BLAH BLAH. But I'm alive, and looking forward to a very chilled evening with a glass of wine and good company.

Preperations have began for the next sale at The Little Rabbit, 20 items will be auctioned off on eBay starting the 2nd of February. Be sure to get your bids in, there are some amazing vintage pieces and one or two hand made things that I'm selling. Keep updated through thelittlerabbitvintage.com

Wishing you all a lovely weekend xo


in my suitcase

A fraction of what I brought back from the holiday. I should be leashed when I walk the shopping streets of Stockholm...


four elements

staple tee, monki bra, Africa necklace, vintage rings from Stockholm, H&M clogs and bag

I have just finished up a hectic day at the office and LOVE Australia for the fact that it's a public holiday tomorrow. Mine will most likely be spent at the beach all day, something I didn't get enough of in the holidays. What's everyone's plans?

Things are slowly falling back in to place, I've picked up my little man (bunny), gone back to a hectic working life, missing my family insanely, slowly ridding myself of jet-lag, drinking too much coffee, craving South African wine and getting used to my new hair (chopped like 3 inches... Ah good bye split ends, hello healthy hair!) Unpacking is still in the process... I hate it cause it really means the holidays are finished...

Hope all you Aussies have a wonderful day in the sun tomorrow! x



source: everywhere.

Well I'm back in Sydney town. I have so many stories to tell you, so much to share. Still jet lagged. Trying to get back in to the swing of things with a little bit of inspiration. Promise an outfit post tomorrow x


beating on a different drum

Last time on my way to South Africa I remember meeting a funny blonde girl on the plane. She had flown just about as far as we had, and she managed a smile at me and told me that I would love every part of this strange country. And I think she was right.

Dancing right above the world, Africa is something different and unique. I know that I am lucky, blessed if you want to call it that - to have so many friends and family all over the world. Offering chaos, adventure, heart ache and joy all at once, it's sometimes hard to have a time limit on every moment that you finally get to spend together. Yet every person that I choose to share my stories with, all express their envy on every journey that I have taken.

Something that I have learnt from the past year, it is that family is forever. And adventures are experiences that will live within you forever. Both of these thing don't have a price tag. Both of these things will never fail you, let you down or disappoint. I know that the past few years I have prioritised work and duty, before any of these two things. This year holds promise, love, creativity and challenge. This year is very different.

Never give up your dreams for anything. You only live once. So FCKNG carpe diem - learn to appreciate every second, every moment and always make the most of everything.

Mum and Dad, Richard, Mommo and Jack. Anne, Louise, Therese, Mikaela, Jacob, Uncle Mikael and Annika and Caroline. Henrik, Linda, Christian, Elis and Jonatan. Michaela, Adeline, Marta, Minga and Gustaf. And to all the rest of you - I love you all and appreciate every effort, every minute and part of your time. I love you all. And thank you Africa. x