My first Bus Ad

I saw it for the first time yeasterday, even though it's been out for weeks now. Why does the creator always get to enjoy their creations last? Today consits of more Bus ads, editorial spreads, flash presentations and posters. I love my job.

PS; hairdressers this arvo. Lets see what wonders he can do with my (now) brunette mane!


Ten Sixteen

Excellent example, have I set reffering back to my latest blog. Anyway, moving along.

Been very busy at work, I had my very first Bus ad published a couple of weeks ago. So exciting! I've yet to see it live, only seen photos so far. But that will do for now. Otherwise I've been making more in-store promotionals - posters, flyers, business cards, stylist cards, rack toppers, mini mags... not to mention all the editorials and DPS's that we've had for DOLLY, NW etc... Phew. The Easter break was well deserved. It was full of relaxation and just bumming around. Went to the Easter Show on Friday, which was pretty much the only effort we made that whole weekend =) It was so much fun! I went three years ago with work, but sinceI was on duty the day just felt like work. This year we found most pleasure in the food hall's showbags and amazing displays of giant pumpkins, incredible cakes and not to mention - bar promotions. We had a good chat to Hayden Wood, who's the man behind the range "Liquid Kitchen", a series of books about bartending, flairing, cocktail recepies etc. SUCH and awesome guy. He signed our book "to the Stefph's" as well, which totally made my day.

The other highligh was the Chili stand. Everything from Chili sauces for the weak-hearted, to the people with a love of flare. I tried the hottest one they had on display "Turbo Supercharge Habanero paste" which was absolutey awesome, though it felt like it left a bit of a scar on both my tounge and in my throat. But of course, as always, my man had to show me up and but the hottest Chili in the WORLD, which we were not able to tatse as is so hot that it's illegal to sell over the counter. Sorry, you what? Had to sign a contract that you understand the dangers involved in over consuming this product and that the company takes no responsibilty for any injuries it causes. Help! So we signed away, and are now awaiting the delivery of our power sauce in the mail. It will be interesting, considering you have to mix the sauce yourself for it to react, and use protective gloves while doing so. OMG WTF?!

After all the up-roar over the show, the rest of the weekend was quiet. I started a painting of a Koi, which I've taken progressional photos of to show you all. Will upload soon. We need something on the wall. Otherwise we've updated our tank, it's looks absolutely mad now, the new tank is smaller but much much prettier. God busted by the cops on Tuesday, for not having my bloody P plate on my CBR. Eeergh. The worst $200 I ever spent. I have never been pulle dover by the cops before, I have never had ONE point on my lisence. Now I have TWO. What has become of me? Over it now, but that money could have gone to something so much better. plus now my bike looks gay with that stupid plate. Thankfully not long to go now...

SA in ten weeks! It is amazing how time flies. I can't wait to go, already thinking about what to bring. Now that my brother is coming as well, it's something to look even more forward to. In need of a good holiday too, can't remember the last time I was on a proper holiday, without musts, dos and buts.

For all your Fashionistas and Lifestylers out there- here is a taste of what's revolving my world this season. Still lookng for that perfect pair of jeans. But they're either not there, or cost me a weeks pay. So for now, that will have to wait. The interior decorator in me as sparked back to life for some reason, coming in to winter and I have bit more money to play with these days. After SA, I think a minature home-make over will be under-way... inspiring right now - click here.