These shots were just too good not to share. Supermodel Marisa Miller paid her homage to active and retired US military personnel by posing for Harley Davidson. She said that she was delighted to support “those who keep us riding free.”

“I’m honoured to help the Motor Company salute the brave men and women who keep our country free, My grandfather is a veteran and I’ve had the unique opportunity to meet several service men and women during recent USO tours, so the military holds a special place in my heart.” “I hope other Americans will join me and Harley-Davidson in saluting these real life heroes during the month of November.”

SEX? These shots are both from ad campaigns and a calendar. We know her from "nicer" things like Victoria's Secret... but this is just so much hotter. Triumph?! Hphf. Maybe I should just get myself a Harely instead?

Source - Harley Davidson


PinkNation said...

Sv; Kronprinsessan är rätt ;) Drottningen är ju redan gift med kungen :D

Den chokladen var supergod, kunde inte heller hålla tassarna ifrån den ^^

Bub said...

I hate this woman! She is so hot! In fact, all the VS models are gorgeous - perfection! I love the photos they took for Harley its a great editorial.
thanks for your comment and maybe I will post how I did my earring


Nicole Jarecz said...