rebel without a cause

MHQ's latest lookbook. Lots and LOTS of goodies...

Destroy your inhibitions and deface your surroundings wearing galactic prints and frivolous layers of faux fur. Dark lace, knife pleats, round shades and chunky boots, forget what anyone thinks and turn retraction to rebellion.


Model: Emma Norris @ Chic Model Management
Photography and Creative Direction: Kaycie Smith
Hair and Makeup: Desiree Wise @ Network Agency
Styling: Georgie Hilton


Run, while you can.

Yep, you can count on the updates coming to you on a regular basis again.
It's a long story that I can explain later, but I'm back baby.

So one of the most memorable moments in South Africa this time around was hang in' at Freddie's farm one mid-morning, shooting. Shooting guns and stuff. And I guess as you saw in the little video below, I could't quite handle that Magnum - it handled me instead. Never the less it was an experience I will never forget, and something that I hope to get better at some day.

It does make you feel pretty invincible, holding one of those things.


Brain Candy

A few things that have collected on my desktop over the past month. Had to share.



So this may not be much, but it's a start to explain my absence the past few weeks. We are now back safe and sound in Sydney town, and not exactly jumping with joy. It wasn't until yesterday that I found the courage to unzip & unpack, and face the brewing feeling of missing.

Excuse the amateur video, this is not meant to be anything more than what it was : a lot of laughs, good wine, family, friends and freedom.

And PS - Please don't laugh at my attempt at shooting a Magnum. That thing was hectic.


Heart of Africa

I'm slightly lost in Africa, and have celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve with everyone that I love the most. Slowly finding my feet again and settling in to this colourful madness, I am loving this sense of freedom, joy and complete bliss. Blazing sunsets, gentle faces, the sweet smell of Brandy, an ocean of ducks, midnightly mischief, wine, wine and more wine, scorching sun, never ending mountain ranges, family time and the intoxicating rhythm of the African drum.

May it never end.