classic red

Miranda in classic red at Davis Jones' launch today in Sydney.


wildfox swim

wildfoxcouture - wildfox swim 2011

Oh dear. Looks like my wallet will be suffering a little this summer, some of these are beyond perfect. I've got, and had a busy few weeks and it's not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. My 'pretend-mother-in-law' is with us for the next few weeks which is always nice, plus my birthday coming up this weekend... Not sure if I really am turning 25 as I feel like I'm working like a 40 year old man in a suit and my eating and sleeping routines are as early and on time as 4 year olds... shame.

At least I got to start my day with a Bondi - Bronte walk and back, and my spirulina smoothie.
It's the little things.


Jeffrey does it right

Jeffrey Campbell. All I can say is want want want. Perfect for this upcoming summer...


keep calm

Worked through the weekend, and now trying to get through another frantic week with
a million things to do. Exhausted.


that's all folks

Must have been labelled as the worst blogger in the world because of my (lack of) effort here the past week. I've got a weekend full of work ahead so this is all you get for now. I managed to find time to bring home a new pair of cons. Finally. My old ones have fallen apart - literally.



got ink?

NOTE TO MUM: This is a photoshop job - no real tattoo I promise, so you can still love me x

I've thought about this, even in my DREAMS the past few days. There is a meaning behind it that I can explain tomorrow. For now I think I might have had a glass of red too many to be taken seriously, and knowing that my Mum would probably disown me just for even considering this, I'll save the explanation for another day. But I'm lusting.

PS - This tune is just BOMB

look at your smile

I officially declare Miranda Kerr's baby Flynn the cutest thing I have EVER seen. That kid is going to be one hell of a heartbreaker, with Orlando Bloom in your blood what could possibly go wrong? Sigh.

Maternal much?



nudie jeans, SUPRÉ shirt & vintage belt

I am so happy it's Friday. A little breather in the hectic life... I'm going to work during the weekend, unfortunately. But I'm also going to have a few wines with friends, be with my darling man and buy my very own sewing machine. And listen to lots and lots of loud, awesome music.


together we can do anything

My brother and me, me and my best friend. As you can see, together we have always been unstoppable ;)



photography : Kimberley Gordon styling : Rachel Zeilic,, Sue-Ann San & Christeric model : Alex Spencer

It’s midnight in the City of Angels and while decent citizens sleep the sleep of the righteous, Hollywood lounges are heaving with hard liquor and the thick smoke of cigars. Outside, street posts cast shadows across the eroded pavement, rain drips from men’s trench coats, and the femme fatale lures us into her world of crime and seduction. Appearance is everything. Beauty is a curse. Where decadence is juxtaposed with decay… things are not what they seem.

This season the stylestalker girl borrows the elegance of classic Hollywood sirens, making it her own with a healthy dose of 90s grunge. Kathryn Hepburn meets Courtney Love. Sophia Loren meets childhood Drew Barrymore. Messing up timeless sophistication with rock’n’roll swagger, ‘Young Hollywood’ is the epitome of effortless style.

Oh, how we love you stylestalker. You never fail to inspire.