Me and Michaela finally got out and did some late night shopping last night after work. Whooo this is what we looked like, coming home to a hungry, tired and irritated man. Anwyay, we thought the night a definite sucess. Will be putting my finds on display later today xx I LOVE SALE



Couldn'r resist but to post these campaign images from Sportsgirl that I've been sitting on for some time. It feels just like this summer, even thought we're still right up in it and there is so much more to it these images show just the way I feel. Beautiful, aren't they? Love how they have chosen the rural areas of Victoria instead of doing the typical Aussie beach shoot... cause we're a bit over that now.


Just wanted to post this quickly, from their little visit Down Under... Showing off my bike =) I miss my Mamma and Pappa. Luckily I've started saving for our trip back, in December next year if everything goes as planned. Hurrah!


A little bit of a lot of inspiration. Everything I need to get on with my day in a world so full of beauty, life and LOVE!

None of these photos are copyrighted to me.



Tired, oh so tired. A public holiday mid week should just not happen. It should just be moved to the closest Monday or Friday... But it was FUN. We spent our Australia Day beginning with a lamb dinner and a bit of xbox on Monday night, Mich is staying with us for a week so took the chance to invite two more friends and had a DJ Hero spin off. =)

Tuesday began with a sleep in, and then off to the beach. Awesome day, I got burnt as per usue (bloody Swedish pale complexion...), so I'm a bit sore today. Ouch. Whatevs, it's Australia Day so there are three things you need to do:

- Get sunburnt
- Drink (a lot)
- Have a barbeque

I managed all of them. Hurray for me. Now we have another big weekend ahead. Hectic. Today it's off to the gym after work (this time I get company whoo let's go Michis ;) and then hopefully we'll get to some down girly time tonight as well. Face masks, nail painting... and lets not forget the glass of wine. It is good for you. More pics from our awesome day is yet to come xx

Happy feeeceee =)



First of all- I won a competiton with kandeeshop.se

I am over the moon. I can't get over it cause this girl is too amazing to be true. Please check out my previous post for her deets, she has some talent this little lady. Can't WAIT to gety singlet in the post. Gah. Love.

Sitting on the balcony smokin rollies. A bit naughty I know, but my guests (beautiful guests Michaela and Anna) have gone to bed and the boys are playing war games so what am I supposed to do?! Almost wish I was out... In the Cross. Even though it's a filthy place f ck I had some amazing nights there. Anyway... I wanted to post two of my faves at the moment, very casual but oh so comfy.

a vintage wash tee from Gina Tricot, and their famous ripped jeans, but DIYed by me :)

And before I go I cannot thank u lovely readers enough for your sweet comments. Love the fact that you're checking in on my blog and keeping me feeling so strongly about it. I love u for it!! Australia Day tommorrow, I hope u all have ur BBQs out! We're heading to Freshwater, maybe I'll see u there. Pray the weather holds!!

Love u long time xo



SUPRÉ top to toe. Love my job.

TGIF. That sums up how I feel right now. Just got home, gonna get changed and head to the gym. First time this year, and about time! Love the gym. For the first time in my life I'm going to the gym - not because I want to lose weight, but because I love moving and listening to really loud music (yes I am one of those people next to you in the gym who make you want to knock me out cause even you can hear my music on the treadmill opposite me). But it gives me such a rush, and I love it!

Hopefully will come home to my man and a bit of dinner, and definately a bottle of wine. Well, it is Friday? One of my New Years resolutions is to drink less. Not that I'm an alcoholic. Just thinking about goods and bads for my body. Maybe that's stupid but I want to see if it makes a difference. I do enjoy me weekend benders however. And the occasional weeday cosmopolitan... ;)

Beach day and some time with my baby tomorrow. Said no to the Boosties cause I think one weekend day is not too much to ask for? I feel a bit upset and guilty, but I know that I'll regret it come Monday if I don't get some down time. So peace out, gym is calling!


All these images are copyrighted to Kan Dee Drawings

Check out this talented little lady Kan Dee. She's running a competition to win the singlet above, which is just beyond words cool..!! This makes me want to start drawing again... not that I can measure up to her - you must check out her blog, she is extremely talented.

You can also buy her creations at WWW.KANDEESHOP.SE
Get in to it, this girl has a bright bright future, I tell you that now!



Visitor-record overnight. Wow. I love you guys. Thanks for popping your little heads in here, it makes it all the more fun. All the thanks to you. Maybe we should spruce it up a bit more huh? A giveaway perhaps? Or is that maybe just dumb..?

So one more day left and then we have a semi-long weekend. WHOO. Pray for beach weather. Pray. Now I'm off to buy salt for the fishtank. How exciting. No better way to spend $100... (??) Also after I saw some photos from yesterday I decided that I needed a haircut. I DIYed ny ends for now (cause they were baaaad) but I've had this urge to go back to blonde lately. I don't know. What do you guys think..?



Giving someone a gift that they truly enjoy has to be the best feeling ever. And it's an even better feeling when the person in question means the world to you, AND is hard to please ;)


This will have to be yesterdays dress. Gohd I love those shoes...


So I never got to show off my Christmas presents! Being the Thomas Sabo fan that I am, when I got my new bike I wanted a charm to represent my new freedom. I saw that TS had just realeased this amazing feather, with small diamonds about the size of my pinkie. I died. But I could only look... trying to save my pennies and let's face it - I don't really need it... But on Christmas Eve my wishes came true.

What a man huh!? I feel so spoilt it's not funny. It came on a loooong Thomas Sabo chain, with a ring with small diamonds in it. Along with the feather came a little crab charm as well, which to me represents my babycakes since he is a Cancer. The crab has diamonds on his back and his holding a massive pearl. It's almost too pretty. A little story for you: When my parents were here we were walking in the city, and this IDIOT tourist stepped out in front of me, and my little Crab caught a hold of his camera bag, and off snapped the hook from his leg. GUESS if I was F ING FURIOUS. I have taken him to the Thomas Sabo charm doctor (after many tears and a lot of anger...) and they are probably going to have him fixed by this week. Can't wait to get my little baby back... =)



Oh ah. Just got in a pair of studded tights... Must have...

Came across this image from a shoot for RADAR Magazine with two of my most favourite blog stars Sanna and Filippa. How hooooot is this? Love the Mickey Mouse ears... Even though it's got some sort of freak vibe to it, it's still so sexy. Sam also managed to pull this off looking hawt... I wish I could too! Haha. Looking F ING great ladies. xx