tapas tonight

A Tapas plate and some red wine to end our trip to Melbourne. What a weekend we had. Guns and camo suits at the Hunting Show... (yes not my thing but the things we do for love) - to a girls night out dancing our feet off. In about two weeks we're off again to our little retreat in Bermagui, like every year. Oh I can't wait!


the melbournians

Hello beautiful people. I had the pleasure of being shown a night out Melbourne style by my lovely ladies. They know how to party, I haven't danced like that for a loooong time. We just got back and are about to open a bottle of wine with some fruit, cheese and crackers and kick back in the couch. Perfect quiet ending to what was otherwise a full-throttle AWESOME weekend in Melbourne town. Hope you all had one just as fun x



In my new hat from Sportsgirl today. Love.

Flying off to Melbourne in a few hours, just popped in to wish you all a beautiful weekend. Look after each other x


is always blue for you

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A little inspiration on a Thursday afternoon, and a song I can't stop listening to. I'm off to hang in the big city tonight. And tomorrow we're jetting off to Melbourne for a what's going to be awesome weekend of mischief. Can't wait!


shimmer me sweet

I've been trying out a new bronzing kit from Natural Compatibles which is absolutely divine, and I can't wait to share. I hate feeling pale in winter, and I'm not one to pile on the make up or tie myself to a solarium bed, so this little baby is my best friend this winter. Natural Compatibles is an awesome range of Australian made mineral enhanced make up which is subtle and so easy to use.

I'll be posting a little 'how to' in a few days x



Sneak preview of today. More to come :)


man vs. wild

A snake on a plate was served to me this morning, courtesy of my boyfriend's brother. Love love love :)
I think we've been watching too much Bear Grylls eat weird things on TV...


oh jamie

all images from ohjamie

If you haven't heard of OHJAIME before, check out his amazing blog here - ohjamie.com
He was also one of the best up-to-daters during RAFW on Twitter - here.



Bondi today

Beautiful day today in Bondi. It didn't even feel like winter. I'm really glad the weekend is here, we're going to spend most of it just chillin'. I've started sketching on a new painting which I really want to start on... Hopefully I'll make time for it. Oh and Yum Cha on Sunday :) What are you guys up to? x

young forever

Anyone can do what they dream of xo

with you til' my heart stops

Hah. Let's just dance UNTIL WE DIE this weekend xx

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