my new hat from Sportsgirl, boots from payless

One and a half more working days until we get a bit of a long weekend. Wonderful. I personally feel like this week, or semi week has flown by. Busy here, busy there, go here, do this. But it's much better than being bored. However I woke up this morning croaking like a frog. Feel like I'm slowy catching that compulsory Autumn cold, and I hope it stays away so we can go to the Easter Show on the weekend. I love the Easter Show. I've never experienced anything like it anywhere else in the world as engaging and fun as the one here in Sydney. The Easter Bunny has already visited me, twice. Once through the mail and once again this morning, he left a cluster of mini chocolate eggs next to my phone. Apparently my man nailed him in the lift later as he was leaving for work. We're having stew tonight. haha


The packages from my fam made me jump with joy. First I got this amazing Easter Egg, with two Lindt Golden Bunnies inside. I get a Lindt Bunny every year. I think it's a tradition that my Grandmother started, and now I can't have a proper Easter without one. And check out the egg! How amazing isn't it. My Mum is so creative... I love you.


I have to start this morning off by saying screw you, Australia Post. Yesterday after a long a busy day at work I got home only to find these two beautiful packages thrown outside our main entrance by all the other's post boxes, in the rain. On the ground. What the F? The Post Office has a tendency to piss me off, but this was just the last straw. What the hell are they thinking?! 1. Anyone could have just taken my parcels. They didn't even bother to wait until someone came to leave it inside the security door. 2. On the floor? In the rain? What a joke. These guys seriously better get their act together, because getting a parcel from home makes my day more than anything, and if the bloody post office ruins that they will pay. Gawr.



Yesterday night I spent my night with Sassisam and a room full of lucky people anticipating the show of Bowie A/W 2010. The night began in the entry of the White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale, a cute and edgy little place - perfect pick for Bowie's direction and persona. We were served Manhattan Martinis and bite-sized and were told more about the collection and about the other people in the room. Sam is an amazing woman with what seems like a million tricks up her sleeve and friends and contacts everywhere. I feel very privilaged to have been invited to the show by her and for having the opportunity to meet and spent some time with her. Truly one of Australia's most dedicated and engaging bloggers. Thank you Sam!

In the crowd I saw faced like Renee Bargh and Billy Russell [Channel V] as well as jaw dropping Nikki Phillips and the gorgeous Maude Garrett. Renee was wearing a ring form YSL that I have been eyeing for over a year, seeing it on her made my mind spin. It's just an amazing piece of jewellery which is more like a piece of art. In the model line up I noticed Australia's Top Model contestant Kristy Coulcher whom I've worked with for a few weeks here at SUPRÉ. She looked amazing, as always. Next to me I later figured out that I had Nadhal from cocolee.com.au - hehe I almost choked as I love her work and read her blog daily. What a lovely girl!

Thanks to Sam, we had front row seats. The show was breath taking and as every piece came out one after another I just found myself saying - I love that one. And that one. And look at that one. A harmanious combination of layers, embelishment, accented shoulders and beautiful fabrics, the dresses in particular left me speechless. As soon as the cashemere came on show I just nodded in awe as Nadhal whipsers "Don't you just want it ALL!?"

After the show Sam took us backstage to meet the main man himself - Bowie. What a guy! Creative, funny, successful. This has had to be one of the best nights for me in a long time, something I will never forget. So thank you again to Sassisam for making it possible, and to all of you who weren't as lucky as me check out www.bowie.com.au for stockists and more info on these amazing creations. And most of all, congratulations to Bowie!

goodie bag fromt the night, with an invitation signed by Bowie

note: more pics are coming, as to my camera dying I am just waiting for a few emails...
source from photos here


I know this doesn't intrest many of you, but I'm not saying you have to read it either ;) Bikes. So I test rode two little rockets on the weekend; a Ducati Monster 696 and a Honda CBR 600. It is time to let my baby GSXR go soon, my man thinks the 1000cc's is too much for me. I don't. But I know that my man probably has more brains (and sense) than me, so I agreed to test ride somethings new. And truth be told, I had a lot of fun.

Honda CBR 600

This little sexy thing was amazing- I couldn't over the rocket swish sound it gave off. Felt similar to the GSXR in handling, but it doesn't pull as hard as the GSXR when you open it up. I was told I would hardly be able to tell the difference in power between the 1000cc's and the 600cc's on a sportsbike. Lie. I definately could, even though the 600 has more than enough power for me. If I'm being sensible... (which I'm not)

Ducati Monster 696

Beautiful, isn't it? It's a Ducati. That usually does it for most people, but let me tell you I wasn't convinced at first. Now keeping in mind that I ride a sportier type bike that this - not as upright and completely different dimensions. But after I got used to this very small, nimble thing I began having a lot of fun on the road. I can almost compare this to a Cocker Spaniel; it does whatever you want it to do. Opened it up, and even though it's no way near as neck-snapping as the CBR, this thing does have balls. Very easy, comfertable, FUN.

Triumph Speed Triple

I have this booked in for next weekend. A Triumph. Looks wise this is not a bike for me. Baby almost bought one of these before bringing home his beloved Buell 1125CR. He loves them and convinced me to give it a go. Can't hurt. But I am not in general a fan of naked bikes, and this one's headlights are too old skool for me. But hey, if it's a good ride... ;)

Kawasaki Z750

...and a long with the Triumph I am giving this one a test run next weekend too. I love the look of this bike. As I said before not a "naked bike" person, but this sits somewhere in between. Since I haven't ridden any of these two last ones I am mainly judging cosmetically, which is wrong, but I don't have much else to go by as of yet. The sit of this bike was very comfertable. And I would feel more comfertable ona sexy looking bike. I'm vain, but at least I know it. If this became mine I would definately change the exhaust. And those stupid rearview mirrors. Will give you a reviewed update of these two last ones after the weekend.



I was given a VIP invitation by Sassisam over the weekend to attend Bowie Wong's Fashion Show tonight in the city. It's been forever since I've been to a show and this one by a designer that intrigues me makes it even more exciting. Bowie has dressed celebrities like Delta Goodrem, George Michael, The Veronica’s, Good Charlotte and Natalie Bassingthwaite. He launched his first womens collection in 2000 and has since then only been climbing in Sydney's prestige fashion industry. This year he is also broadening his horizons and releasing a collection of designer wallpapers.

"I continue to strive for an individualistic outlook, a more personal one. It is a matter of questioning myself and the world around me, to show more of who I am."

Now to decide on what to wear. It is always a bit of a dilema, escpecially since it's for a Fashion Show. I was thinking a little floral frock that reminds me of H&M's recent Garden Collection. Hm.



Alright lovelies, happy Friday! I am off to the pub to meet up my old BOOST -ie friends and have a drink or two. So happy the weekend is here, and glad that I am feeling better and have some energy back. Whahoooo! Test riding bikes in the morning, and then living it up on Saturday night. Here's my hate by the way. Love.


Two eyeshadows for $10 at Sportsgirl. And black bling bling from Diva and Sportsgirl again. I also found the hat I wanted, which I will be showing you later. I love it! =)


Guess what's coming to Sydney International Airport?! Yes ladies, heaven! Victoria's Secret is set to open up it's first Australia Store in 6-8 weeks and Sydney's International Airport. How exciting is that!? One little catch though. It's located after immigration, which means that you will have to take a holiday to be able to shop here. Shame.

source: the lovely Sassisam



rostade mackor, skummad latte och honungsyoghurt. sounds much better in swedish.

Oh how I wish
all my mornings could be like yesterday's one. I slept until I woke up, which was much too late. I rumaged around in PJs and made myself breakfast. I sat on the balcony and took in the sun. Even though I had to make my way to the doctor's office later it was all worth it, then and there. Today it's back at work and full speed ahead. Still not feeling amazing, but I'll get there.



I know of one of my male friends who would be very happy about this post =) I'm noticing her more and more, we all know that she's beautiful but damn, girlie got style too. A few take-outs of Isabel Lucas. Enjoy.




Hi lovelis. I've had enough of not feeling on top so tomorrow I am off to the doctors. As much as I don't like it, I'll be happy once it's done. Still a bit hectic, trying to stop stressing. Some good news though - found this little package outside my door yesterday. I don't and have never had acne or problems with my skin, but I've heard so much good things about this product so I'll give it a go. Hope you all are feeling fabolicious. xo

highlights in my hair from sunday. very happy.




This is my next buy, the black one in the center. $40 from Sportsgirl- amazing. I tend to be slack with hats but if I had this one I would work with it to be able to stroll down the streets with my hat this winter.

Didn't have much of a weekend, considering I was in the office until 8 on Friday and had to go in again on Saturday morning. Not feeling it. I am sick of doing other peoples work and getting left til last. As much as I love it I want my life back. And so I will make it work. This week I have to go to both the dentist and the doctor, which I will do. No more stress. No more tiredness. I want to find that energetic and enthusiastic girl I once knew, the one who loved life. Next weekend we are hitting it big with the boys in the city. And I will be celebrating my new me. Happy, confident, hardworking and enthusiastic new me.

Lots more followers to my little watermeloncrush, I love it. You guys totally make my day. Oh! Next weekend I am test riding new bikes. A Honda CBR 600 and a Ducati Monster. I'm so excited. Hope you all are having a livy Sunday, I am going to go and snuggle with my man. My amazing man :)



Finalizing the new creatives at work today. It's been such a hectic week. Looking forward to ending it in the couch with my man and a glass of red. I can't wait to see the final products though, it's going to look amazing. Counting hours til the weekend, me and my baby are probably going to have a look at some new bikes, and perhaps test ride some. Also got a new wine rack and shelves to put up. Finally getting my little office together at home. Really need to start looking in to buying that Mac soon... Money money.

Hope your Friday isn't too long! xo


There would be no me without you.