Wow. Out of no where my statistics have gone through the roof. Thank you all for your sweet words, support and love love love! Regarding the dress, I would love to make one for all of you but considering it took me over a month to put it together I think I need more practice (and definately a sowing machine) before I make any promises! Haha

So now the obvious question to all my readers - anything that you're missing? That you want to see more of? I can reveal that there are numerous exciting things coming up on watermeloncrush - product reviews, fashion shows and more. Thank you for all your emails, I am interested in collaborations so if your have any suggestions feel free to email me at steph@watermeloncrush.com with your proposal. xo


Wrecked Stellar said...

Pretty photo! Glad I found your blog :)

Emm said...

oohhh preduct reviews? do tell.
Do you live in sydney? What fashion shows are you refering to?