packed my bags

Bags are packed and we are OFF baby! Running around like a hunted Christmas turkey before the cab came, but now we're chillin in front of the gate so everything is A-OK. I will try to keep you guys updated for the next four weeks, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

PS- Will be passing time on the plane with my Nintendo DSi which my amazing man gave to me last night :) xo


beached as

Today I am taking a break from all the cleaning, shopping and packing and bumming at Bondi. It's a bit windy bit I couldn't care less. I armed with my iPod and the latest SHOP magaine I can take on the world! Two days to go now... Counting hours!! xo


basement junkk

mooloola top, betts bag & booties, jewellery from the markets

I can't believe I have an hour left at work. Then I am off to strut my stff (as you do!?) in swimwear for a few hours and T H E N I A M F R E E. I have to say that the highlight of my day was when the handy man at work rocked up on his quad to give me a beer to say thanks for helping him pimp his identity card. I said it as a joke and he took it VERY seriously.

Have an amazing weekend loveies xo

polly whips it real hard

I die.


the sly fox

the little rabbit shorts, SUPRÉ top, betts bag & shoes, sportsgirl beads

Just said goodbye to our shoot team at work. Won't be seeing them for a month! It feels a bit surreal as I see them all atleast twice a week otherwise...

A little outfit from this morning. The shorts are in the proccess of being made, I'm not done with them yet... A bit more wear, sand paper and a bit of paint and we should be sweet. LAST DAY OF WORK TOMORROW whoooop! Heading off to do some late night shopping now. Ciao bellas xo

PS - Don't forget to place your bid on The Little Rabbit dress - ends next week! HERE

the wanderer

Yep so I died a little on the inside when I saw Bambi Northwood Blyth for One Teaspoon WINTER 2011.


TIP : flannelette vest

image borrowed from esmedge

We shot a few of these in different colours for SUPRÉ online yesterday, they should be available by the end of the day, in a whole heap of different colours. Perfect this summer to a pair of destroyed denim shorts and ankle booties - festival bebe.

If your in Australia you can just head to LOWES instead and buy something a bit oversized and custom make your own with a pair of scissors and perhaps a bit of sand paper... which I think is exactly what I'm going to do xo

christmas things

Oh YES another day down, sorry about the lack of activity here these past few days, up to my ears in running around trying to organize everything for take off in exactly... ONE WEEK! Going to get through the day at the office and get back here with more exciting things soon xo


(finally) for sale

Just letting all you keen little souls out there know that this dress is now up for sale through
The Little Rabbit. Click here for more...

NINE days to go today! I cannot contain my excitement anymore! And three days left of work as well... We're having a little Christmas lunch at the office today which is very exciting. I had to run a quick trip to IKEA yesterday to get some goodies. It was extremely hard not to walk in amongst the furniture... Oh I want it all...


creative urges

Last week I told you all that I had an exciting little project under way. Over the weekend I have finally managed to pull the last few pieces together, and you can read more about it HERE xo


my tiger and me

a little tiger I kept from yesterday - shop amazmaballs here

OH OH OH. Where have you been all my life little tiger. This thing makes anyone feel a million dollars, and how I wanted to take them all home with me last night. Every single one. The new colleciton is available soon... Keep your paws in order ladies x

SHOP ME HERE tighttigers.com xx



Still recovering after a long but F&CKING awesome day and night spent at the IVY with none other than creator and owner Claire Coppins and her other little tighttigers. We had a fast paced and sequin-filled day of hairspray, dancing, glitter, tights, tigers, champagne, nerves, feathers, face paint and the amazing Claire herself.

Mine and all the other tigers' outfits were nothing short of amazing, I felt like an attitude Queen in everything I was wearing. Waiting on a few shots from the runway etc so you will have to do with my behind the scenes for now... and go get your tiger.