Argh. The worst thing is when you get up early to go for a run, and once you hit the pavement - pumped and getting ready to pick up the pace : an earphone dies. Or even better, both die. Not only the sound, but the motivation goes POOF. This happened to me this morning - I've been buying buds from an earphone company that used to be fantastic, but the last few years they've gone downhill and so has their quality. I've been through four pairs in a year. Not cool.

So here is to my next investment. BREO is an awesome brand that have everything from cool watches to out-of-control headphones. I've got my eyes on the 'De Janeiro' - done with the buds, it's time to upgrade. I'll give you the verdict within the next few days. Also drooled slightly over their colour-pop watches, trés awesome.


next weekend

OK so I know that the weekend isn't over yet, but I just wanted to give you ladies (and gents) a heads up for what's the happ next Satruday, 3rd since it's something you just can't miss out on.

This is the first time that Thread People have planned an event outside their normal routine of trading discount 'threads' to the general population through their online site - www.threadpeople.com.au
Guests can enjoy huge discounts of up to 80% on some of Australia and New Zealand's hottest male and female brands!
There will be a juicy lineup of hot local DJ's to keep the peeps entertained and some original artworks on display by Bondi locals.
A huge list of covetable brands have jumped on board to become part of this exciting event, Fashion lovers can pick up some of this seasons hottest selling styles from labels such as, Style Stalker, State of Georgia , Vanguard, Opening Ceremony, Toi et Moi, Eleventh Commandment, Insight 51, Something Else and hot NZ label, WORLD, to name a few...

There will be a selection of hand picked vintage pieces for Vintage Lovers up for sale on the day.

Kick off time is midday until 7pm and White Revolver is located at the corner of Campbell Parade & Curlewis Street in downtown Bondi. I will be there from midday so please do come and say hey hey.



You & Me

toi et moi stripes, bardot pants, H&M sunnies, converse

Sitting indoors in front of a screen was really the last thing I wanted to do yesterday, but this little number from Toi et Moi made me feel like I was in holiday-mode anyway. Toi et Moi have a whole range lined up for next season worth watching, all drool-worthy pieces that will make warm summer nights last forever. Check out their whole collection here, their Facebook page here and follow them for quick fixes here. TGIF x


s u m m m m m m e r !

sources: spell designs, stockholm street style, oracle fox, lisaplace, columbine

That SPELL Designs campaign on the beach really deserves a pots on it's own. Farck, those girls do an amazing job. More here --> link

Anywhoo, I'm having another busy busy week. The mornings are however getting warmer which makes me smile, I cannot wait for summer this year, it's going to be eeeepic bro. Pure torture sitting indoors with a hell of a load of work to get through when the sun is shining outside. Boo.


La Premiére Fois

for toi et moi 2011, model : casey la chiusa

Toi et Moi's High Summer collection - La Premiére Fois (French for the first time) which has come together from a montage of photos from designer Gill's childhood - from baby photos through to teenage years and beyond. We all have a first time for everything. Our first tears, first love, first day of school, our first memory.

"Spanning three decades, it reminded me of many of my first times, and how the clothes I wore defined those moments. a mixture of prints and colours that reminds me of those years, styled together with a twist of french parisian chic and a pinch of summer love." ―Designer, Gill Lawrence

I am in LOVE with all things Toi et Moi, but these shots pushed me right, and well over the edge. You might recognise miss amazing Casey (blog here) whom suits this brand looks & personality wise to a T. Toi et Moi is available online here - this collection dropping in September. Oh summer I want you here now.


Kling & Collan

Elin Kling and Columbine. The two most inspirational women in fashion - in my world anyway. Arh, I would DIE to have either of their wardrobes. Klingan is about to launch her own label called NOWHERE which is very exciting. Eyes are peeled.