Loving today. It's Saturday and I am officially on holiday! Whoo. We're at Tab's now, he's fixing up my man. Yea. Tonight we're having a couple of people over, for Stef's birthday. Birthday present sorted, too good.

Would have posted my today's for yesterday, but it was not much to brag about! I was late to the train because I spent too much time with the coffee machine... I wasn't tired at all the night before (read wired!) and slept about an hour. The office was hectic, but at least I got everything done. AND it looks awesome. Stefs done, looks so hot... Gotta go... Hehe...!

xo -Me


Get it right, right!?

Sorry just one more thing before I go... Couldn't help myself. As I signed out of hotmail, I got was put on the msn.se website (the Swedish version of MSN.com) and I found this:

Hot or Not? Tidsdale's trasiga Jeans ("Tisdale's ripped jeans")

Are you kidding me!? Never been a massive fan of Ashley Tisdale, but I'd sleep with her for those pants. SSSEX!

Red, red wine

Feels a bit like that today. Have a BIG day at work tomorrow, trying to push in a whole new flyer before I leave. And I haven't even been given the retouched photos from the photographer yet. Tomoorrow afternoon will go spastic, I can already feel it. All good though, because this weekend is gonna kick everything and everyones arse. Two words: F*CK YEA.

Working on Tab's site, so I don't have time to write more, sorry guys. Just posting these beauties from Ray Ban. Very retro. Very now. I love.


One Year and Five Months

Happy us Day, baby love.

Hey hey - You you - I wanna be your BOYFRIEND

DEUS shirt - my boyfriends, cotton on leggings,
tosh necklace, SUPRÉ blazer

Todays outfit I was very much complimented today at work. Teamed with my fav white high tops. Don't know what I'd do in a world without converse...

Tears me apart

The promised jeans. I was given these from my one and only T-babe, about a year ago. They're really comfy, a bit big but comfy. They're from Sportsgirl, and I've not worn them much at all. SO I decided to style em up... a bit. Love them now, they are awesome with a blazer. Isn't it amaxing what a little time, creativity, sandpaper and a leatherman can do? Everyone was staring at my bottom half this morning on the train. I bet half of them were in disgust... Poor girl can't even afford to buy pants without holes! Hehe.

Back to work! Have to finish off Tab's website, it's looking HOT. Shoot all day today at work, the photos look amazing. Can't wait to work with them on Friday, should be good. Alot of other reasons I can't WAIT fro Friday too... Dobee dooo.. ;)

Me and Stef have been together for a year and 5 months today. Time flys when you're having fun...! And better times are ahead, according to the little post-it hearts that are slowly disappearing on our mirror... Excitement!


Little Red Jacket

So I have never been a fan of red. It probably has something to do with my Mom, as she has never really liked it either. But I've found more and more that I'm drawn to trying new things all the time, and when I saw this jacket on a little shopping day we had last weekend, I could not resist. And let me tell you - I LOVE IT.

Mooloola jacket


my beloved DKNY bag, SM New Yorkshoes

Just got home. Far OUT I hate trains. They're expensive, inconvienient, smelly and WET! Especially today. Ick! Have to fix up the coral in the fish tank...

We're making home made pizza tonight! Yum. Nothing better. Fresh tomatos, basil, feta, olives, sopressa, ham, and chili. Mmm...

Gaga goes Svensk

OK... Gaga is speaking Swedish in her new clip to "Papparazzi"... Am I from the coolest country in the world, or has she completely lost it? Love how Alexander Skarsgård is in it too. Partied with him when I was... 17? Geeze.

Check it out here.

Save the last Ride

Buu huu. My bike is sold. Quite proud of myself, as I never thought I would be able to let go of my little CBR. But fact of the matter is that it is soon time to upgrade to something bigger, better, faster, stronger. Plus I had managed to clock 10,000 Ks on it, and for such a small bike, it's quite a bit. So I had my last ride on Friday last week. I don't think I will ever be able to give up the motorbike riding. Even though it limits you fashion wise (!) hehe - it's so much fun. We browsed for new rides on the weekend. I am still stuck on my K8 GSXR 600. It's sex on wheels. But the Ducati Monster isn't too shappy either. Besides, it would match my new red jacket. ;)



If it was spring there is no doubt I would splurge on this dress. I love the neckline. This would be perfect for srping back in Sweden! Too bad it's getting into winter over here in Aus!

www.asos.com - Alice and Olivia Patti Pleated Silk Dress

Have heaps of photos to upload... just have to take time out of my day to put them on my computer. Bear with me people.

Sky High

So now that I don't have to gear up in biker-gear every morning, there is a little more freedom with the creativity of the day to day office fashion. Yes! I have never been a fan of high-waisted skirts, pants or belts, but I have learnt with time that it can look really good. So I'm slowly mixing and matching... This belt was my most recent buy. Apart from it being a liiiitle too big, I love it.

skirt: Gina Tricot, top: H&M(layered), shoes: Din Sko (old but I still love 'em), belt: SUPRÉ, bracelets: market find

Days now people. Days. Me and baby are both tired but very excited. I can still sleep at night... but I know as we get passed wednesday I will start getting restless. I can't beleive we are going to SOUTH AFRICA! Whoooo peace out.


Timm - mmigration

So after hours of wait, the longest que I have ever seen in my life, a little bit of suspense and 80 dollars later, finally - I have it! My visa for SA. Whoo! Took the morning off work just so I could get to Lee st. I cannot believ it has been 10 months since I applied for my permanant Visa. Still nothing. They are proccesing it to THIS DAY. They reckon it's going to be at least 14 months until I get it, so until then - Bridaging Visa B is my only ticket out of the country. And I have it! South Africa here we come.

Baby, you're so ripped...

Love these. Might just get Mum to do me a favour before she leaves. Did this at home yesterday with an old pair (dark) from Sportsgirl. Will upload as soon as I get home. Oh an Mum - thank you so much for the little package I got yesterday. Love you.

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Darling DOLLY

This week has been quite slow, not to mention that the long weekend contributed slightly, there is not too much buzz in the office since Tuesday. Had a creative workshop at Fox Studios the whole of Tuesday (after launching the new web content.. ah. Stress!) It was a nice change of the everyday. We got our creatives heads together and planned for the future in terms of promos, competitons, fashion, styles and looks. Can all tel you that this summer will contist of ONE main thing - Ridicolously high waisted, ripped, lightwash denim mini shorts. Hurray to the world of camel-toe. I so did not just write that.

messy desk..