Fit Your Attitude

'Fit Your Attitude' is the renewal of denim Diesel style - with fits, shapes and sizes to suit everything from the Boyfriend-jeans wearer to the ladies who only want to wear your standard black skinnies. The range guides you through fits for different purposes and offers washes in all colours of the (denim) rainbow.

To celebrate this, I'm giving you the chance to win a $1000 Diesel wardrobe to spend at the Diesel VIP night in their stunning Paddington store on the 16th August.

Just answer in 25 words or less-
“What would you buy with your Diesel voucher and why?”

Click here to enter.

the winner will be announced on 15th August at 6pm.

Whilst getting familiar with the new range at their Paddington location, those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen that a pair of 'Grupees' made their way home with me. This blue wash will be replacing my black skinnies from Winter - starting... now.

diesel 'Grupee' jeans, Shilla top, miu miu 'Noir' eyes, tusk collective rings


'Suped Up.

I had a bit of DIY fun-in this weekend while I was finishing off my MINKPINK 'Suped Up Slashers - with a few left over jewellery pieces, needle, thread, a bit of patience and a lot of bleach, here is how to :

Get some. You can do so here - and also follow the wonderful world of MINKPINK on Facebook here. Find a sink and whack out the bleach. If you don't have a sink with a long tap arm, a bucket and a stick will also do. Thread the shorts' loop holes and make sure that the area that you want dip dyed is completely covered. Wait.

Dip-dye perfection. Check that your bleaching progress is coming along. They may go a bit yellow in the process - this is where you add more bleach, and guess what else? Wait longer.

Find somethings metal or little jewellery accessories - think pearls, chains : anything that comes to mind. I found little coins with holes in the top that I picked up at some market months ago. Grab a needle & thread.

Enter patience. Use the 'slashed' parts of the shorts to fasten the little bits of metal. One at a time. This takes time but it's worth it in the end.

I happened to have an old pair of white denim shorts that I don't wear anymore - which had awesomely studded pockets. I ripped these off, cut them to size and slipped them in to the front pocket, and sticked around the outside. Any kind of denim will work here - as long as they come from another pair of jeans.

Voila. You've been 'suped.