Weighs Me Down

SIGH. What is up with people and weight issues!? Holy *uck can people just get over themselves? All I've been hearing on the radio this past week is how enormous Jessica Simposon has gotten. Yes, she's obviously gained a few kgs, but she looks happy!? So who cares? This is making headlines while Australia is facing one of their most devastating natural disasters. Ever. Grow up people.

I was watcing "Sorority Boys" with Stef the other night, it was hilarious but I could help but notice how the girls are all so average. There is no one really over-weight, and no one scarrily skinny. When we were passing clubs in Melbourne over the weekend, it's like the girls are split into groups. They're either a group of flubbers wabbling down the sidewalk wearing dresses 3 sizes too small, or they are stick thin and pale power walking in impossible-to-walk-in-heels with a redbull in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. I know the feeling, I've been there. Losing weight gives you a rush! But most people either go too far like me, or can't stand it anymore and blow up a coupe of months later after finally allowing themselves to eat! Why can't people just be normal..?

Rough day at work. So glad it's over. Gym time. And that's NOT cause I want to lose weight.

Love - Me

Lindsay Lohan has just been noted for her dramatic weight loss.