The highlight of my weekend was probably this - our second Archery lesson. You're probably thinking: WTF..? but seriously, this is so much fun! It was my man's idea from the beginning, I think he misses the shooting he got to do back home, and he has never shot a bow and arrow before and wanted to try. So two weeks a go we headed down to Sydney Olympic Park for a trial hour where they taught us the basics. It's not as easy as Robin Hood makes it out to be, but by the end of the lesson we sort of had the hang of it, and nailed a ballon each (our coaches put up ballons on the target for us to try and pop) So now my love wants to buy a compund bow (a differnt sort of bow, whoch he got to try) and I got to try out a professional bow that belonged to one of the girls there. I however, am trying hard to save money so for now we'll just have to look forward to baby's bow. Hope he doens't decide to shoot the rabbit... (!)

If you want to have a go, a class is $20 for an hour and a half, it's like I said a lot of fun and a really good day out. If you go ask for Tim, George or Sam, all awesome intructors at the Archery Range. Here is the website: http://www.archerycentre.com.au

PS - Robin Hood @ the movies tonight. Guess we'll both come out extra excited for this weeknds class...


Michaela said...

Nej, va coooolt!! Det där måste vi göra nästa gång jag kommer!! Så läckert :))
Hope u still know how much i miss u!

Dusk said...

Hello Stef, how are you?

How fabulous!! My youngest recently had his 14th there after we did an archery safari in Malaysia!
...I love archery but damn it's hard! BUT my son and I are going to go for a few more lessons... I've loved archery since I was a little girl because in Indian mythology, our warriors queens and Goddesses used bows and arrows.

Very cool you're doing this. Do you have natural aim?

As for the latest Robin Hood... haven't seen it but have been told to not bother. I'll just stick with the Errol Flynn and Kevin Costner versions!