Single Ladies Blog Better

I've noted over the laast couple of weeks (because I've been too busy to even BEGIN to think about blogging) that single women are much better bloggers than ones who are not. This probaboly means that you should stop reading this now - cause apparently I've just called myself a "bad" blogger. Is that even a trait?

Went to Future Music Festival the other weekend, it was M*A*D, even though it wasn't as happening as last years for some reason. It might have been the friends' relationship conflicts that made us stop to think about anything other than the music... luckily that happened at the end of the night. I geuss everything happens for a reason. I wonder if break ups come in seasons or trends, like Fashion does. Because right now it seems to be picked up by alot of friends and people around me. Luckily I don't feel a need to change my Fashion/ Relationship statements.

I miss my fam! I sound like a home sick teenager but I really do. On Thursday this week we have one hundred days to go until South Africa. What an adventure. I cannot WAIT.

Note my updated links. I've finally grabbed ahold of my myspace page and brought it down to earth. Not that I use myspace, like ever, but it's good for statement making, and sometimes that's what life seems to be all about. Statements. Remarks.

OK getting a bit too deep and serious now for my taste. Time to hit the gym. I'm really statring to enjoy it. After I cannot wait to get home. Mmm... a hot shower, leftover home made (absolutely F*ing faboulus) left overs, candle light, Stef and a HOUSE. Sometimes I like being "old" and in love.