Yesterday I was not in the mood for anything let alone a day in front of the computer so I threw on an old vintage oversized knit that I pretty much drown in. But it was all that I could master that day. Me and Son sat in the sun for a few minutes to catch some vitamin D. How cold is it in Sydney town!?

vintage knit, biker tights: SUPRÉ, boots: payless shoes, rings: markets

Note Sonia's awesome booties (left) from Rubi Shoes. Bargain at $50. Thinking about it...



Here is the rest of the campaign, as promised. So point your noses in SUPRÉ's direction and get creative with those pins xo

Stephanie Cherry for SUPRÉ Tights Campaign July 2010


SO. What did you guys think? It's pretty awesome huh. And how amazing does Stephanie Cherry look?! Well boys and girls, this is the brand spanking new SUPRÉ leggings / tights advert that will be airing on your TV and at the movies (you will most definately spot it if you're going to see Eclipse, the new Twilight flick) Well done to us at SUPRÉ everyone invloved, I think it's absolutely fantastic.

If you want a pair, which I know you do as they are just a must for everyone, head to your nearest SUPRÉ store or buy them online here. They are cheap as chips, so you can afford to stock up, or even vary them in colours. If you want to read more about the behind the scenes aspect I posted that a few days ago here, and I will be posting more imagery soon. And if you still don't know who Stephanie Cherry is, change that NOW!



Bliss. Our last Friday night and my lover's birthday. It's only Monday and I'm already counting down days to the weekend. Yawn.


boots: betts, sunnies: markets

Too bad these photos are from a few weeks ago. A bit of Jim on a Monday morning supposedly takes the edge off a raging start to ha working week. Ha.

Another full on week at the office, the new SUPRÉ campaign launches on July 1st, so a few things to get in order before that. As much as it's hard work, its also exciting. Otherwise I'm bummed to have missed out of yet another Midsummer's Eve. Times that I miss being back home are Christmas and Midsummer. But hopefully I will get a Christmas at home this year. We had a lovely weekend celebrating my man's birthday. I tried to spoil him best I could. He also informed me that I have to take a day off from work, the day before my birthday. Because he's planning something. I am SO excited.



Here are a few sneaky ones from the studio when we were shooting the below. As I said to see the real deal keep an eye out from July 1st. That's all I will say for now. We were honoured to have none other than coreographer Adam Williams from So You Think You Can Dance Australia to help out with his creative thoughts and deadly moves. Stephanie Cherry who otherwise is quite shy an reserved seemed to let loose a little and appeared to really be enjoying what she was doing. The girl has the most amazing smile.

photos taken by Laura Mye



If you live in Melbourne, one- I hate you and am super jealous. Wanna swap? And two- if you picked up the MX magazine on your way to or from work yesterday, you would have seen this. I am really proud to be a part of the creative behind this campaign, and let's face it ladies. Tights. They're comfy, the go with everything, under anything and are just one of those things you need to have. Like three pairs of. At least. More surprises coming your way July 1st. This is the reason why I've been so busy. TGIF.

Stephanie Cherry featuring in the new SUPRÉ Tights campaign



It's been a tough week, and I'm a tired girlie. Haven't had the time or energy to even go to the gym this week. Work, emotion, pressure, change. I am so glad it's Friday tomorrow. And not only that- my mans birthday! I am going to get in to work early to finish what I must, go and pump an hour and a half at the gym, and then come home and spoil my baby. He deserves every single bit of it.



Our lovely Bambi for Mania Mania Jewellery. Amazing little pieces, you must check it out. And how amazing does miss Bambi look? Starting to admit to a slight obsession...



This might not interest all of you, but as it's is part of my history and heritage and I feel it's close to my heart I wanted to share this with all of you non-Swedes. Sweden has unlike many countires, a Royal Family- and an amazing one of such that is thoroughly love by everyone. Yesterday our Princess Victoria married her man (now Prince) Daniel Westling. Daniel was just just normal average Joe before he met our Princess. And as he described in his speech to her, it's like he was once a frog, has now been kissed and turned in to a Prince. May sound corny to some of you, but as these two turtle doves have been in the limelight for so long, his words left every household wiping away a few subtle tears.

The wedding was of course grand, and set like a fairytale. I would never see anything like this happen anywhere else in the world, which is why I think it's so great that Swedish media made a such big deal of it all. Victoria is so beautiful and looked just like a Princess out of a story book, and even though the Prince might not be as handsome as he is in the fairytales, this is still a day that will go down in history. LThis, ladies and gentlemen. Is true love.

How handsome is our other "real" Prince Philip?! (very right in the first picture) He is like a copy of Orlando Bloom... drool

He might not have the most amazing looks, but farck the guy can speak.
"Victoria, greatest of all - is Love."


I am struggling to get through this Monday. Feeling just short of a zombie, and no coke or coffee seems to want to help me. But these Converse are so beautiful. I want all of them. Those of you who know me will know that I am slightly obsessed with my 'verses. Slightly.



Saturday starts off with an inspiration board I put together à la Rodarte. I want a dress with this pattern, a black and white one. Saw something similar in Rihanna's video to Rude Boy. I want it to have accented shoulder too... Maybe another DIY project.. Hm.

Now I'm heading out in to the chilly sun to shoot some arrows with my man, and then grab lunch at the BEST little deli café in Homebush. Love Saturdays.


dress: sample, cardigan: SUPRÉ, shoes: zoom, socks: target

Playing with barbed wire. Here you can see what happened to my hair on Wednesday: not much. A quick toner to even out the colour and I was done. If you need a good hairdresser I now refuse to go anywhere but SLOANS in Lane Cove. They are so awesome.



Scarf $10 and awesome denim shirt, $15 from Cotton On (SALE!)


TGIF! I am so happy it's the weekend. We have had quite a busy Friday in the office, but managed to pop out for coffee and swing by the Napoleon make up SALE (in Alexandria, all weekend for you Napoleon lovers). But hurrah, I get to go home now, all my work is done. My little Shanks got to come with me in to the office today, he was kidnapped immediately and very willingly by Lola who has cuddled him all day. No objections there! Will post some photos later. Now we are both going home to enjoy a glass of red (maybe water for Shanks) and embrace the Friday evening.



top: SUPRÉ, shorts: diy-ed levi 501's, boots: betts, sunnies: bondi markets

Having a bit of an afternoon yesterday in front of the infamous graffitti wall next to the office. There is some seriously cool artwork going on there. Finishing off things for the new campaign today, so exciting. Can't wait to share with all of you once I can xo