Glastonbury STYLE FILE

There was some serious style going down at Glastonbury this year. Reow.



Even though it was my darling's birthday on the weekend, he brought ME home one of my faves... After having had a terrible day, seeing him and given this made everything bad go away. I am so spoilt.


give me strength...

images form Doll House - link

Ick. Today is not a good day. I don't know if it's because it's Monday or because of the overload of negative energy... Just trying to shake it off. Finding beautiful shoots like this one by Doll House (shopplanetblue.com) makes my day a little easier. Also on the bright side, we had a wonderful weekend celebrating my man's birthday. Yesterday we had a bit of a Sunday session at The Winery in Surry Hills, which if you are in Sydney, you MUST go to. It was my first time there but definitely not the last. Tapas and an insanely good Piot Noir ended the weekend which I am now missing... a lot. x


works of art

The Wildfox girls, as awlays - never fail to amaze. Damn I wish I had time to do some drawing again...


hey man (now you're really living)

sample tights, JC shoes, wayne cooper vest, vintage bag, own make necklaces

I figured I owed you guys a little outfit post, especially now with my new Lita's. Oh it's love. I know my man is going to hate them (he thinks my taste in shoes is slight... Alien...) oh well. Men.

Speaking of men, it's my bubbles' birthday this weekend. Which means a little celebration is in order. And a little shuffelin'... x


ghost no more!

Who else dreads the pale shades of winter that sneak up on you as soon as the sun offers her time much less often than you want her too? I know I do. Being Scandinavian, I naturally have very pale skin. And it sucks! In summer my skin will tan fast and easily, but as soon as I don't get my sunshine I begin to resemble something ghost like.

Thanks to Natural Compatibles, I've managed to battle this in a somewhat fashionable manner, with their Bronze 'n Shimmer kit which is an absolute lifesaver in winter. This mineral enhanced (all hail looking after your skin!) duo kit has a matt bronze colour which can be used all over your face and body, and feels light on your skin. The shimmer palette has a beautiful golden glow and adds that sparkle which is ideal for a night out. Together with this I used their Blush Collection, which I mainly used as eye shadow - does wonders. The orange tinted shade worked best for my skin tone.

I am not one to spend a lot of time and money on make up, or put myself in solariums during the winter months. Don't get me wrong, I love having fun with it for a night out, but for every day - less is more, and this is my new essential until the sun decides it's time to come back. You can see Natural Compatibles whole range on http://www.naturalcompatibles.com.au Thank you to the beautiful team at NC for saving me from floating around like a lifeless sheet this winter x

dirt on my mind

the lane, knighttcat, ilovewildfox, stockholm street style, hanna o john, the coveteur

Feeling the inspiration this morning.