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Lola vs. Harper Sequin Jacket & John Lennon Ray-Bans via The Sunglass Hut

Those of you of follow me on Twitter would already know of my recent purchase of the John Lennon inspired Ray-Bans. They are beyond cool. Speaking of cool, this Lola vs. Harper sequin jacket makes me wanna party... I have always dreamt of the perfect sequin jacket, this one is party time.

A couple of weeks ago I hung out @ The Winery with fellow bloggers to celebrate the launch of Sunglss Hut's new project - The Inner Circle. Their site is now up, urging you to head over when you seek eyewear inspiration. They've brought together the world of eyewear, street style high fashion and blogs - sounds pretty perfect. Check it here.


Finally MINE!

Finally this baby is on it's way to me! I have lusted after this Chloé bikini for months and months, and thanks to ASOS having a 48 hour 50% off sale (yes, HURRY - get in there now : LINK) ... So now the wait. A few other items might just have slipped in to my bag as well. Only a few though... Promise.

The sale is insane so make you you check it out within the 48 hours at http://www.asos.com/au


annoyingly amazing

Erghhh. I am starting to dislike this woman - she is too bloody perfect. How does one manage to nail every single outfit and any given occasion? And the fact that the future for Christine is looking nothing short of amazing doesn't help the matter either. This little lady has it all.



My two heroes. Gosh, I must begin to sounds slightly lesbian.

hats off

image courtesy of bubbleroom.se

So. I have been the worst blogger ever the past two weeks, also been camera-less which doesn't help my situation. At all. But today I got my new toy delivered to my door, so the next few days you'll be served an overdose. Last week I met one of my all time favourite rock stars, photo to come.


It's only Rock 'n Roll (but I like it)


A film by David Hache

Starring: Li Ming, Kristy Kaurova, Valeria Efanova, Zippora Seven, Maxime Sokolinski, Michael Gold, Neal Schofield

Produced by: Jimmy Sommers, Kimberley Gordon, Emily Faulstich

Edited by: Jacquelyn London

Director of Photography: Larkin Seiple



The Cleanse - Day by Day

So many of you have been asking how my cleanse has been going with Lucky You Cleanse, and now that it's over I'm ready to sit down and tell you the whole story. Overall, I'm really glad I did it, and I do feel "better" in some strange way, but can't really put my finger on how or why.

Yep, let's go. Power walk an hour in the morning, can so do this. I'm making a conscious effort to have hot water and lemon first thing, and even though I am really not a fan I did this every morning when I woke up. I am still doing it, and getting used to it. Now I actually WANT one in the morning, and it really is a great way for your body to start the day - clean & clear.

The juices are BIG. I struggle to finish them. Not hungry at all. Looking forward to see what the evening "Cashew Nut Mylk" is all about as I've seen so many write about how divine it is. Not being a "milky" person (I very rarely have dairy) - this is NOT my thing. Even though there is no actually dairy in this, it reminds me of it and I can only manage a few mouth fulls. Flavour is OK though.

It's easy to wake up, I feel energised. Power walk for an hour. Have my hot water and lemon first thing in the morning, followed by Juice number one, then 500ml water, wait two hours, next juice, 500ml water... and so the day goes on like all others. By midday my eyes are closing on me. Exhausted. Still no signs of hunger, but I am struggling. I think this is where all those toxins are heading out and my body is slowing down because of it. I refuse to give in though, but gosh that coffee in the morning smells divine.

Again, easy to wake up early, and head out for a power walk without a problem. But afterwards I feel weak, shaky and slightly light headed. Not cool. I stick to my plan however, and add some extra water and make sure I drink my Coconut water too, which helps. I a way I feel lighter, as much as I feel tired and fall asleep pretty much as soon as I get home, I know it's because my body is working things out.

Post cleanse, I am SO glad I did it. It's really not such a big deal, people make it out to be like it's the end of the world. I feel better, I feel rejuvenated, and I say it's definitely worth your time and money. Lucky You Cleanse is not cheap, but as I said I feel like the money was well spent as I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse, and these guys know how to do it right.

Find Lucky You here: http://www.luckyyoucleanse.com.au

Inner Circle

What a DAY I had yesterday!! I'm sorry for being a bad blogger the past few days, there has just been a lot going on, and trying to juggle all of that with the Juice Cleanse as well as trying to cope without a camera (yes... I went and sold it... good one, stupid), this will have to do for now.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending lunch with the team at Pedestrian TV and The Sunglass Hut, who are about to launch The Inner Circle. This will be a (very) fashionable place for you all to escape to this summer, for all your eyewear fixes and must-haves. We were all very spoilt and enjoyed a beautiful lunch at The Winery in Surry Hills. I had the absolute pleasure of having none other than Miss Oracle Fox to the table - slightly starstruck, what a sensational lady! Thank you to Sunglass Hut, The Inner Circle and Pedestrian TV for an amazing day. A small video and photos will be up in a few days.

And then I had dinner with a rockstar. Not even kidding. DAY x


Lucky me..!

Just realised that I start my cleanse tomorrow. I'm going with Lucky You Cleanse, whom I've never tried before but have only heard good things about. Three days of 6 x juices a day, all to hail a happier, healthier you. This also means, however (unfortunately) - no coffee or caffeine of any sort, starting your days with hot water & lemon (is something I cannot stand) and not being able to have dinner with my man every night. But what's three days, if it's all for the goodness. I'll keep you posted on how it is, day by day.

Toxins are all around us, no escape. Basic elements required for existence such as air, food, and water often include pollution and chemicals. We accumulate these toxins over a period of time and eventually our bodies succumb, in the form of sinus issues, low energy, poor skin quality, and further down the road develop into more challenging imbalances. We need to eliminate these built up toxins on a consistent basis and free ourselves from these bothersome concerns - lucky you that's our specialty.

- Rebalance the body
- Oxygenate
- Alkalize the system
- Give digestion a rest
- Remove acidic build - up in the colon, to encourage proper nutrient absorption
- Re-hydrate the system
- Create better eating habits

It is possible to live in a state of balance and vitality. Allow yourself this experience. This is all about transition. A main reason why we use these focused cleanses is to break unhealthy eating patterns, and move towards feeding ourselves vibrant and health generating foods. WE do not believe in deprivation, or being miserable. Not what it's all about. We DO believe that this journey is all about celebration, freedom, fun and living life to the fullest. WE accomplish this by transitioning towards a goal at our own personal pace. Add the healthy choices in, the less-than great choices fall away. Keep new toxic load to a minimum. Stay green and keep juicing.

So here's to being clean, cleansed & happy. Bring on summer x

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