advent calender

As of tomrrow I get to open one little parcel everday, until Christmas thanks to my beautiful Mum. I picked up this at the post office yesterday, she used ot make us one every year, and since I've lived away from Sweden she has sent me one, every Christmas. I am seriously like a 5 year old child when Christmas comes around, and this year I am so glad that I finally get to spend it with my family :) Mummy I love you and I miss you tons!


the runaways

Yesterday after finally getting home, with over 1000KM's on the motorbike's clock, me and my man took off our boots and threw (literally) ourselves in the couch. Pizza, a glass of wine and movies was on the menu. Nothing more, nothing less. We were both exhausted (espacially me) but what an awesome weekend it's been.

We wacthed The Runaways - a movie I've been told is for me. And oh it was. Little Dakota Fanning is absolutely brilliant. And yes, I am listening to angry rock 'n roll this morning, trying to keep myself awake...


port macquire

We've been riding for 9 hours today, just got to Port Macquire. Absolutely amazing ride, but I am exhausted. Having a few sneaky drinkies with the boys before bedtime. Hope you're all having an amazing weekend xo


dear santa claus

Dear Santa,
I can explain.

here's to the afterhour athlete

puma evisu denim shorts "rinse" wash, suede ARCHIVE puma shoes (mens), puma "HERZO" mens singlet

Last night kicked PUMA butt at the Sydney PUMA Social in Surry Hills. A few days before I was decked out at the PUMA concept store on Oxford St, by an absolutely awesome guy called Mervin. The whole night felt exactly how I was dressed - comfortable, fun, casual and sexy. All at once.

We played putt-putt, drank beer, mingled with socialites, IT- girls, bloggers, photographers, PR groups and PUMA's. Thank you to Rose and her beautiful team at the ARC FACTORY for another fun and happening night.

The whole "After Hour Athlete" concept is explained in the video above. I am definately more of an after hour girl that a day althete. And PUMA's new range is perfect for just that - check it out HERE.

PS - Yes I do love my new red shoes. And yes I know they are very red. And SO awesome.

PHOTOS BY: me and my man



Day - hurry up and finish already.


sets the sun ablaze

ladkah dress, sportsgirl shoes & necklace, thomas sabo bracelet, vintage belt, target socks

The full outfit from the video. Ah, the mornings are getting so much brighter and warmer - I love it. I have something exciting happening tomorrow night which I will share with you in a little while. First - coffee. xo


tomorrow brings the sun

"Song for No One" - Ian Broudie

Good morning :)


here lie the best memories

Feelin' a little blue. Probably because it's Monday, and the awesome weekend that just passed set the expectations high for the rest of the week. But you can only make the best of it. I stumbled across this picture on my brother's Facebook page this morning. A very little me, a long time ago. A very happy little me at that, even without my two front teeth :)


nightmares and fairytales

Very happy it's Friday. I had another terrible nightmare and over-slept because of it, but made it to work on time never the less, which is a good thing considering I have A LOT to do today. Reading the article about Gary Pepper Vintage's Nicole Warne in the new issue of CLEO. Gosh that woman is an inspiration! Her blog here...


just doesn't get better

Just while we are on the subject of my favourite girl I thought I'd re-blog the shots from Style Stalker's DESERT FOX with Bambi Northwood Blyth. OMG. I don't think it gets much better that this, folks.
Shot by the raw talent Zanita.

Shop the collection here.

this is how much...

THIS is how much I love the new issue of Harper's Bazaar. And Bambi. This magazine has become my bible.

for the love of rock n roll

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Loooove.