NYC & other things.

Just a little summary. And a bit of a laugh. More to come xo


got redbull?

I do. And it's American super-sizeeeeed.


washington DC

The first two days we've spent in Washington, and done all the touristy things and even wobbled around on a Segway a whole afternoon (awesome). Have had time for a bit of shopping, had an amazing dinner, stayed at the quirkiest little hotel, went to a space museum, had bagels for breakfast, laughed a lot and have awed at everything super-sized.

Now it's road trip time to NYC xo


sydney to nyc

At the terminal, just about to board. I have been meeeega stressed all the way til now, yesterday I had an amazing day of shooting BTS footage at a shoot in Palm Beach, I will tell you more about that once I get back. Rushed back from that and threw a few things in to a suitcase, was made the most amazing home cooked salmon dinner by my man and now I've been working in to the last minute of boarding time so now I'm finally going to relax a little, and hopefully sleep a bit on the plane... Not that that's really possible, but I'll try.

See you in New York! xo


classic with a twist

On the weekend my beautiful girlfriend had her engagement party at The White Hart, a brand new cocktail bar / pub on Grosvenor St in Neutral Bay. Apart from the the fact that they are one of the most beautiful couples I know, this place just made everything that little bit more amazing.

Imagine your classic British pub, but modernised with to-die-for cocktails, beautiful food, kick-arse interior and a royal look and feel. If you're in Sydney be sure to pop by this place sometime, I know the boys have already planned a birthday night of royal madness here while I'm in New York... And you can bet your fancy underpants that there will be plenty of good times spent here over winter.

Congratulations again to my beautiful Sophie & her man. The future SHINES for you xo


good lord, that looks so lovely

Let the beat ro-ro-roooc-rooockk-rooooccccckkk!


I've been absolutley droooooooling over this Bec & Bridge ORBIT Ring for months... Now that I found this site, I might juuuuust make a purchase. But ssshh... My boyfriend doesn't know. Yet. xo


state of mind...

Ah, so I've got my last day at work today. I'm really... emotionless. Like not happy, not sad. It's the strangest feeling. When you have been with a brand for so long, gotten to know the people and love what you do, it's all of a sudden hard to say goodbye, even though the advetures that the future holds are so tempting, and free a hoard of butterflies in my tummy... and then it's off to the Big Apple next week.

But tonight it's party time. Which means an Afrikaans "braai" on the balcony, with the boys - who are my family. And of course a lot of red wine and kick arse tunes, and maybe even a movie or two. It is afterall FRIDAY!


phazing, baby

fcuk cargo pants, therapy booties, camilla scarf

Simplicity +socks and awesome scarf from earlier in the week.
Second last day at work, seems strange, surreal. Yesterday I managed to get all my papers in order for New York next week, so all ready to jet set off to the big apple. Now to pack. To pack or not to pack? I might just happen to do a little bit of shopping... so thinking rather not pack.

Does anyone have any good tips for NYC? My parents do know the works but would love to hear from another blogger's perspective. Any MUSTs? x


sweet valley fox

"sweet valley fox" by wildfox

These girls never fail to amaze me. Everything is just bloody perfect. Things like this makes me want to live my life, fullfill my dreams and do what I was meant to do. Be creative, go crazy and just be. xo


time is running and it's running fast

sample dress, vintage cardigan, topshop stockings

Soooo ready to get home and play with my new toy. I got a brand spanking new Canon EOS 550D today, I am OVER THE MOON as I have wanted this thing for so so long. Otherwise time seems to be passing way too quickly, 8 days til New York! A lot to do before then... xo


trouble & more trouble

Something that I looooooooove about these two hanging out together. Even though I know I shouldn't.


Back to reality.
We spent the whole weekend in a cute little house OAKLEIGH about an hour away from Cowra, which for those of you who don't know, is pretty much away from, well - everything. To be away from all things that we otherwise take for gratned, was actually such a relief. We made fires, the boys went hunting, we baked fresh bread every morning, took a bush walk, bathed the dog, collected rainwater. Came back last night feeling totally relaxed and at ease. But I must say I had the best shower in the history of showers last night... Hope you all had a lovely weekend x