Facemask. Check. Red wine. Check. Couch. Check. Rain. Check.

Loving my life right now. It's very Sunday. Today has been quite unproductive but I don't mind one bit. It's Sunday. Went to Bondi in the late morning to pick up my Billycocks, with the boys. (click here for their site) Sitting here in them as we speak and I'm in luuuuuurve. Best jeans in a very very long time, probably since I bought my last beloved pair of Nudies about three years ago. I will be posting photos hopefully tomorrow so keep an eye out. But for now I can't wait for Big Bang Theory to come on, that show and Two and a Half Men crack me up. Set for another full on week at work- bring it on!


Yesterday baby said he had a surprise for me. We set out to find what we were really out to get- a vacuum cleaner. Exciting stuff, huh? On the way back with our new Hoover, my surprise was revealed.

Motorcycle boots! And not any at that, the ones I've always wanted. Alpinestars. Apparently Converse are not a safe riding shoe. WHO would have known?! ;) so happy. Might not be the highest of fashions, but my ass feels safe in them. They are awesome.



Sooo... It's Friday! How good is that? I just got home, made and unsucessful run to the city, was supposed to shop around for a bit but riding through I decided it was way too crowded. Boy am I getting old. Words like that only come from a chic 45 plus. Geeze. So anyway, took a detour home...

So Soho tonight. Shineys bday. Waiting to be fed first :) then I will get my dress on. Haven't worn my lacey little number out yet, so I might give that a go. Can't wait til Sunday I get to pick up my Cocks!! Now if you just found that last sentence slightly disturbing refer to previous post. I'm very excited. Be safe all you crazy party people. Happy Friday xx

to lace, or not o lace. that is the question.


She is an Accessory Designer for CHANEL. And I want her life. Apart from the fact that she has a cat, I want her life. [die.]



Brr. It's almost Melbourne with chilly mornings and scorcher days. Slept like shieett last night... but slowly coming back to life. Tonight I am planning my tomorrow night @ Soho with BOOST bitches. What to wear?



If I had the heart to spend almost $400 on these I would. They are stunners, they are. Baby always calls my taste in shoes crazy. I don't think that these would change that tag. But OMFG I want them. Click here if you're tempted...


That's how my brain feels. I still haven't recovered my lost energy. The week is passing so slow and all I wanna do is sleep. But there will be none of that here. Back to work!

PS- I hate people in slow cars who think they're fast. Knobs.



Hold your breaths. There is a brand new denim in town. I was lucky to get in touch with one of the guys who have started up this up and coming label called Billycock Denim & co. (lets not even go past the name, so awesome) and I wanted to share their story so far, because this, ladies and gentlemen, is not something to look past.

Based in Bondi the duo have quietly started up a completely unique and outstanding label using Japanese denim to create nothing but memorable denim. Each piece is hand made in Australia using only the finest Japanese denim from Kuroki - known as one of the finest and most prestigious denim makers in Japan. So what you buy- is basically yours and yours only. Each piece is completely unique.

To get your hands on a pair start of by becoming a fan on Facebook - click here, and that will help you get in touch with them and placing an order. Because it's still so excusive there might be a litle wait- but it will be worth every single seconds wait. I am going to try to get my hands on a pair of Womans Skinny "Azurite Acid" - they look incredible. For a full look at their collection just head to their Facebook site. For now I will leave you with a bit of their imagery. Happy drooling.

Photography by Emily Abay - http://www.emilyabay.com/ (amazing much?)



Yup. Portmans. Wooot!? As you might remember, this is what made our lovely Miranda Kerr famous from the very beginning. I wonder who does their model scouting, there is some seriously good work going on in that department. I am not a fan of the whole gap-toothed model thing, but whatever gets you out of bed. She still looks amazing. This is Portmans "Modern Classics" Collection 2010.


...I will have energy like this.
I promise. I don't care how many redbulls it takes. I will recover from Zombie-land. (yes I am still sleepwalking)




I also want to draw up shoes, work with bloggers and help them with their collections. I want my own studio! I want a brand new Mac, I want a Wacom tablet that works... I want to go to ELLE Galan, I want to go to Collage on Saturdays and I want to shop in Sture Gallerian. Oh want want want. It must be my tiredness kicking in today. Little Miss Whiney...


Finally I have had some time to sit down and answer your questions. Enjoy. xx

Why did you move to Australia? Well. To be honest I don't really have a straight, clear answer for that one. Living so many years overseas as a kid I decided when I turned 18 that I didn't want to stay in Sweden. I moved to Sydney on my own in 2005.

Can you still speak Swedish? Haha YES ofcourse I can! Jag pratar med Mamma, Pappa och Lillebror flera ganger i veckan ju, och mina vanner dar hemma. Jag ar ju trots allt SVENSK!

What blogs do you follow? For inspiration: Style by Kling, Ems Edge. For awesome day to day style: Hanna MW, Sanna Knows, ndotter.se and I also do enjoy reading my little brother blog and other close friends.

Why do you blog? I began to blog when I was quite young, say 16 or so. But it was a very on and off thing, I have only started doing it on a more "serious" note (if you can call it that haha!) about 8 months ago. I do it becuase I enjoy it and to keep in touch with friends and family.

What is on your top prio-list of things to do in Sweden? Except drinking with me & going to the Ice Hotel?
Lillebror =) since we're planning a trip to Sweden in December 2010 I've started planning bits and pieces. It still feels very far away, but time flies and it's always good to think ahead- we'll be combining it with another South Africa round so we need to make sure we get the things done that we want to do. Definately the snow! Ice Hotel, northern lights, snowboarding, skiing, vodka, kottbullar, glogg, pepparkakor, julgran, snowmen and snobollskrig! And I can't wait to see all my family and friends again. I haven't been back since 2007!

What is romantic to you?
When a guy is proud to call you his.

How do your friends describe your persinality? Shy. Down to earth. Bad at keeping in touch. I think it depends on who you ask! ;)

Favourite drink? I heart redbull. And coke. Check out my fridge:

Do you use perfume? Yes! I love perfume. Maybe not every day but curently I'm rotating Dior Miss Cherie, Lacoste Touch of Sun and DKNY Delicious (pink blossom). I also love Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb.

Must have's this winter? It's dreading that winter is on it's way here in Aus! But I'm still very summer-minded when it comes to fashion... However it's looking like a lot of leggings /tights, shoulder accents, BIG rings, boots (with heel and without), studs, chains and black black black.

So you're a graphic designer? What does that mean? It means I design anything graphical - posters, websites, business cards, CD covers, blogs, flyers, brochures, tags, magazine spreads... anything printed and / or websites.

What camera do you use? My boyfriends Canon EOS350. I am itching to get my own Nikon D90... which will hopefully happen soon.

Why do you ride motorbikes? Becuase it's fun!

Hope that gives you a bit more insight as to who I am =)


Findng it slightly hard to keep my eyes open at the moment... might need a second coffee and I so should have taken that massive Red Bull with me that was in the fridge. I have a bike jacket / glove tan on my wrist (like a watch tan... but opposite) and a strip across my lower back which is also burnt... and slightly tender. YES we went for a Sunday ride! =)

We started off at just after nine and headed for the mountains, we were two GSXR 1000s, a Ducati 1198, a ZX 10-R and the Buell 1125CR. Awesome ride. I was the only girl as always... but the boys go easy with me so I wasn't fussed. We stopped for lunch just passed the mountains, and headed through to the Jenloan Caves to then head back. We were probably on the road for a good 6 hours. It was awesome and my butt was SO sore by the end that I walked with a limp like a high school pimp. Ha. It was my first long ride ever, and as much as it took it out of me (I was exhausted when we got home, and collapsed in bed that night, not to even mention the effort of getting up this morning...) I had a lot of fun. I'm not gonna say that there wasn't a few close calls at a speeds much too high, but you live and you learn. Thanks boys, especially to Zen with your patience =)

We eneded the day @Bondi with a BBQ a la Mark which is always fantastic, and a quick dip in the ocean which was well needed after loosing about 40kgs in sweat alone that day. Phew. Next weekends ride is already planned. Can't wait.



Morning all my lovelys. It's the weekend!! And here I'm Sydney the sun is shining and I feel great. I've just cleaned up the house a little, I had to finally hang the Valentines Day rose to dry as it looks like it's given up the fight. I love dried roses though, so even more love. Just about to make myself a second coffee, and sit down to answer the questions that you've all sent me.

My man has taken Vicky (the car) for a routine service. I'm not used to being alone on weekends... Feels a bit strange. Don't know what we have planned for today, the sun is shining so we should really get outside. I also wanted to go and pick up those boots from Wanted Shoes but I realized this week that everyone here is rushing winter. Must be the discovery of all the hot winter styles that are circulating Europe now that we're all dying to be sporting. It's "new" for all of us in the Southern hemisphere... But guess what?! It's still summer here! 38 degrees today, why am I looking for winter boots?! I swear fashion makes us all insane. xx


This is so awesome it makes me want to try to pull off the denim on denim look. I didn't like it when it started coming into play, but Emma has convinced me. I love this...



A few things to show and tell here. Last weekend I bought the Trio Concealer from The Make Up Store (click here for stockists in Australia), and a few weeks before that two brushes from Sportsgirl. I can teel you now after som tried & tested that I am happy with everything :)

The Trio Concealer from the Make Up Store $55 is a new favourite tool of the trade. It's clever and easy to use. There are three different "shades" in the box - for three different purposes.
Yellow/ greenish: for blemished and redness (the yellow/ greenish tinge cancels out the red)
Red/ rose: this is for under your eyes, the greyness and or bags (the red tinge cancels out the grey/ blue)
White/ porcelain: This is to smoothen out any areas that are uneven, to add highlight. I use it mainly as a base for my eyeshadow.

The little container is small and convinient, and you only have to use the slightest touch to get an effect. If I had to pick one thing out of my make up basket to live with for the rest of my life - this would be it.

Two brushes from Sportsgirl, about $12.95 each if I remember correctly. I have always wanted a sharp one for swishing that eye shadow out form the corners of my eyes, and to blend darker colours. This one is perfect. The bigger one is fantastic for rouge.


OOOOOK. So this might seem a bit strange but I can't stop watching this online show - Glamourama. I'm not the one to get hooked on internet series, but I stubled across this by mistake and now I can't stop watching it. I don't know why, becuase it's really not that "happening", if you know what I mean, it's just a documentary type series about three Swedish Fashionistas Anna Hibbs, Petra Tungården and Michala Forni. They all work with fashion retailer / blog sites such as bubbleroom.se and nojesguiden.se. Michaela is also from time to time up in the DJ booth (hot!?) They all have their own blogs, which you can find here - Anna, Petra, and the one I follow religiously - Michaela's. She is my favourite out of the three - she is both stunning and talented. I think I'm so hooked because these chics are prowling the streets of MY hometown! Good old Stockholm. I recognize the places, the shops, the people, the atmoshphere. The way they talk. The way they interact with each other and others. I miss it!

To watch the show (note to all you English speakers- this is in Swedish only) click here. Aahh... I know how I'm going to start my Friday night... x



Peep Toe Shoes was launched by Sydney-based designer Nikki Hager who debuted her first collection in October 2006. Aaaand now have released their Autumn/Winter 2010 advert campaign featuring Alexandra Spencer (HOT! and infamous for her blog 4th and Bleeker). Entitled Daughters of Rock, Peep Toe’s latest campaign rocks pumps and military slouch boots for us Aussie girls this upcoming Autumn/Winter. Photographed by Chris Ferguson at Intercontinental Hotel Sydney and styled by Amanda Newman. Hooooot, not? I have always been a sucker for Peep Toe shoes... they are as Sam would say - Ah MAZING!

Also... shhh... I just recieved an email saying that Peep Toe are having a clearance SALE in Sydney, so if you're intrested (it will be last seasons stock, but what the f I bet there are still some hot heels in there!)

18th February - 20th February, 10am - 5pm

tas Jewellery & Accessories
Shop 15, 966 Botany Road
NSW, 2020
02 96695269