Blogging at 9:30 on a Friday night. Yes, there is something wrong with me. Dying to be out with my friends. I want to party, I want to drink, I want to dance. Next week the Greenwood XMAS party (lil brah, do you remeber?!) is going to hit the roof. And it's all going to be because of me. Mwhaha. Trouble trouble.

So I feel much better. I got over my mid life (23 year old) crisis. Two days ago I was honestly ready to pack up my moisturizer, my ipod and my Thomas Sabo (essentials..!) and move to Hawaii to sell surfboards and live off coconuts. I wanted anything BUT the life I had. Strange. Does any one else just get sick of EVERYTHING without reason sometimes?? Or am I just insane? My Dad talked some sense in to me. And so did the comment from my little brother. If it wasn't for my fam I don't think I would be able to get through anything. I luv you guys. The image is inspired by you...

Tomorrow morning the BEACH calls. Until 1 pm when I have to go and help out open the new and bestest BOOST shop. Wow my life is happening. KATE - Happy Birthday bitch. I am sorry I couldn't make it. You know I wanted to be there. xx


More behind the scenes. How amazing would it be to work on a project like this? A dream for every designer I'm sure. Wow. And don't we all just luv that these girls are finally starting to look real? Toned. Sexy. Real. No more sticks, please.



I don't feel like anything, I don't want anything, I don't care, I'm just sick of it all. What a BAD day. Bad week. So over everything right now I just want to go home and disappear from the world today. x



Next month Weekday stores are releasing their new collection of tees and jewellery designer by David& Martin. MOMENTO MORI - "remeber death" is supposed to be a reminder of all it's wearers to treasure life and all it's ups and downs. I'm finding it a bit morbid but hey - galore for all you skull lovers out there!

In Weekday Shops on December 9th.



Ooh. Aah. On Thursday last week all our mere mortals missed out on one of the greatest Fashion Shows of the year - the Annual Victoria's Secret Parade. I guess all we can do is kick back and drool over the shots captured that night, and enjoy a few behind the scenes on YouTube. (click here)

The show’s theme was Star Trooper; and divided into: Pink Planet, Enchanted Forest, and Romantic Journey. As stated by Stylist Charlotte Stockdale:

“We came up with the idea of this girl who lands from outer space in Paris. She gets on a train that comes to a halt in Pinkland, where pink girls get on and off. Then they go into this fairy-tale forest and little lady bugs and butterflies land on them and vines grow up on their clothes. Then, there’s Tick-Tock Time; the wings in this section are based on clocks — there’s one modeled after a pocket watch with metallic feathers. And she ends up in this regal realm of princess-ness, where the wings have Swarovski jewels and peacock feathers.”

Miranda oh Miranda. Her bum has to be a gift from the Gods. Enjoy. xx



Twlilight tonight, anyone?



Hooked on "Alejandro" - Another one of Lady G's new singles. I think I might just want to marry this woman. Looking forward to another WHOLE weekend off. Amazing, does that ever happen. Still have a heap of freelance work to get underway along with a few of these chain orders. Love that you guys are loving them! Get yourself one here.

I am otherwise in a foul mood and have been for the past few days. Frustrated with myself so I apologize for all my near and dear for being a bitch. x



Some girls won't dance to the beat of the tribe

Won't walk away but she won't look back

She looks good but her boyfriend says shes a mess,

Shes a mess, shes a mess, now the girl is trash

She looks good but her boyfriend says she's A tramp

She's a tramp she's a vamp but she still does her dance


So everybody knows that this morning Haus of Gaga officially released the video clip to Bad Romance. Did I not tell you some time ago that this is the next big thing. Well by looking at this clip, even though it's somewhat frightening, it supports my theory. I have been a fan of Miss Gaga since I heard Poker Face, and a lot of people thought I was a little bit.. whack. Whatevs. She is the only one in my world who can pull off those unbelievable Alexander McQueens. Wow.

Check out the whole clip here.

But to me Bad Romance is getting slightly... old. Spinning in my ipod as of 4 days ago is the next big thing off her re-release of THE FAME ("THE FAME MONSTER") is DANCE IN THE DARK. The video is releasing a few weeks away, and this cover art is... sex!? Also dresses head to toe in McQueen. Oh Gaga, what I wouldn't do for you. x



Laura Laine is the new incredibly talented lady behind H&M's [DIVIDED] collection of t-shirt and singlet prints which have just hit (selected) stores. Only two different ones have gone out so far but yeah... - amazing!? See her online portfolio and more of her stunning work here: http://www.lauralaine.net/


Mm... to me there is no better lunch than this. I am addicted to a few things: Apples, seeds&nuts, red bull, watermelon, WATER! (elixir of life), bubbly and strawberries. (that combo is not too shabby either ;)

Since I have time for lunch at work today, it much mean I am not too busy. Which is nice for a change, but also really startng to mess with my head as it leaves me plently of time to... think.

Quick! Back to work...


The week started off something horribly wrong yesterday going to work. (as if this weekend wasn't horribly wrong already) After just have left the house I witnessed a motorcycle accident pretty much as it happened. I got off my bike and helped a group of people drag a man and his bike of the road. No blood, only a man wriggling and spazaming on the road in pain and a smashed bike. He had lost control and hit a pole. At the time, waiting for the ambulance I didn't think much of it. I mostly felt sorry for him. When I got to work I got shaky, it felt like my body was made out of jello and I just felt like throwing up. For the first time ever of my two years riding I was a bit reluctant to getting on to my GSXR.

It was like a finale to the strange weekend that just was. Went out on Saturday with my boosties - a night at the Cross, that I can't decide if it turned ugly or if it was just my own fault. Apparently I am still in "the sin bin" haha but what do you do. Shit happens. Looking back now, it was a good night. It was so awesome to see my boosties (out of uniform), I love you all. Tears they dry, and time just makes it feel like a good memory.

Despite the little hiccup yesterday morning, today felt F ING awesome on the bike. The sun is shining, and I feel free.



Afer dozens of requests from friends, here are my little creations. They are easy to make yourself, and they are booming back home in Sweden. I'll charge you $45AU for each piece (leg or hand) if you're interested, email me at steph@watermeloncrush.com with your requests. LIMITED to 10 pieces per person at a time please.



Preparing the stores for Christmas. We're naughty angles this year ;)



Promised to update with a little bit of tried &tested... weeks ago. Sorraayh, here it is... A day off from the office triggered this a while ago, I needed new bronzer and a new treatment for my oh so dry hair, and so I decided to do a little spoil-me-rotten shopping.

The bronzer comes from 2Glo, I found it at KMart. I fell for this one because I've been using L'Oreals bronzer before (compact), and I liked the colour it just was very... cake-y sometimes and that's just gross. The point of the bronzer, for me anywho, is to give a little radiance to just the every day make up. So this seemed cool because a.) it's a mineral based bronzer (no yucky stuff o your skin!) and b.) it is a loose powder. It was a bit of a long shot since there was no rela tester, but whatevs. And I hit jackpot! It's very light and soft on the skin, you can go dark if you wish but for me just a light sweep in enough. And it feels awesome on your skin too.

Along with this I found the Elvive (L'Oreal) hair treatment that I was looking for. They actually don't have wash-out version of this particular one, so I bought the leave in one. This is good stuff. I used to use shine drops but this is so much better. It doesn't weigh down your hair at all, and you can whack it in to wet or dry hair. And you don't need much of it either.

Third I treated myself with a mudmask. I promised my sugarbuns that I would take a photo wearing it but I completely "forgot"... Oops ;) This one was cheap as ($2) and smellt unbelievably good. 5 minutes on. Wash off. Fresh as!

Lastly I splurged. I have been wanting to test this product for aaages, ALL the bloggers I follow and love are using this stuff. Osis DUST IT! I used to have a sculpting gel/wax from them, which was also, as DUST IT bloody expensive but worth every cent, and lasts forever. So this is a loose (cocaine looking, actually!) powder that you use a liiiiitle bit of on your scalp, and massage in. Voila! Volume. It is actually as good as they say, which is rare. It doesn't give ultimate hold, but it's good for day to day use if you want that little bit of extra lift of messyness in your hair. A tiny little bottle RRP at $32 AU from for example Price Attack. Ouch.