Saw a glimpse of the SS11 pantone palette and got inspired. To celebrate the awesome summer that's on it's way, I want pinks, oragnes, flowy sheer dresses and gol, gold, gold, light denim washes and aquas. Let's kick last summers arse. xo



backstage at Dsquared2

Loving the details and geek-factor that went on behind the scenes and on stage at Dsquared2 S/S 2011. Flawless skin, light brows, preppy accessories, nudes, tans and gold, tartan, loafers and GOGGLES! ♥



bardot tee, SUPRÉ shorts, pulp booties, YSL ring, vintage belt

Just a little outfit post from the other day. I seriously feel like I'm just waiting for time to pass me by this week. You are probably sick of hearing me rant about how excited I am to get away for a few days, but I truly can't wait.

So we were at the Australia's Next Top Model finals last night, what a disaster. Those of you who watched it on TV probably thought it was a joke, and I think everyone in the audience thought so too. In my opinion, Kelsey is still the winner. What a stunning girl, I hope she takes on the world with pride and confidence, because she has everything that a model should have. Everything. And I cannot stand that Alex Perry character. He really believes that he is man's greatest gift. He can take his "expensive" suit and stick it where the sun don't shine...



A new pair of booties from Pulp. Absolutely in love as they were on sale for just over $50, (compared to the £560) and look almost identical to the original Giusepper Zanotti peep-toe bootie a-la Mary-Kate Olsen and Cameron. (click here for the Net-a-Porter link)

Like style icon Elin Kling once told me, copies and rip-offs come with the good and the bad, if you can afford the real deal it's a shame that half of the rest of the world are running around in the same look-a-likes. But in a case like this one, I say embrace it! xo


Hello lovelys. I hope your weekend was as good as mine, I lazed a lot in the sun, went to archery with my man, made awesome food and had a birthday lunch in Manly. Summer is almost here, I'm getting that "new love" feeling all over again. Over the long weekend we are escaping to a little hide-away on the coast called Bermagui, where we were last year at this time. I am counting the HOURS in the next few days, can't wait to be back in our little paradise.



via stockholm streetstyle

I used to have a bag like this when I was a kid. When I became a teenager I decided it was stupid and childish. I gave it away. I regret that now... this is SO summer. I think I might have to try and find something similar for the change of seasons. xo


As many of you noticed on the ACA story (I'm very impressed by the way, you're all so switched on ;) I received my YSL ring last week. And let me tell you, it's beyond perfect. I know with The Westfield Insider and all the bargain hunting you might not see me as the one to splurge. But this is something special, and it was worth every hard work, wait and longing. You can pre-order yours at SAKS --> link.



SUPRÉ dress, diva cuffs, rubi sandals, colette bag, dotti belt, YSL ring

If you missed my face on TV last night, here is a breakdown of the outfit that I put together, all for $139. (OK... minus my own added YSL ring.. my new baby which I refuse to ever take off my hand) Budget shopping under 20 minutes is not easy I tell you. When we were given the theme "The Maxi Dress" by the Westfield Insider team, I immidiately had this colour in mind. I will be prancing around in this coral-ey pink a lot this summer, I think it's beautiful and goes very well with beiges, tans and golds.

So the first thing I did was dash to SUPRÉ, who I knew had this maxi dress at a decent price ($35). Once the dress box was ticked, I felt like I had a colour and a shape to go off, and opted for the plaited belt from Dotti ($12) to tie together the masses of material just flying around my body, to a slimmer shape. When it came to shoes I wanted to add something simple, in the same shade as the belt. I had seen these sandals in black at Rubi Shoes before, and ran to the store in hope of them having them in tan. And they did. ($30). Next stop was Diva, and straight to the "2 for 1" wall. A lot of fashion bloggers at home such as lisaplace.se have been rocking the double cuff, and I felt this would be something slightly nouveau and different ($14), and also chucked in a golden beaten ring for another ($14). The bag was collected at Colette Accessories for ($34), I wanted a hand held clutch in a light beige to break up the colour palette just slightly.

So all up, $139, with a fiesty $61 to spare for a really, really fancy lunch. I had so much fun with this, and what a surprise that you can get away with a decent outfit for a mere $139, an amount which I could easily spend on ONE pair of heels.

You can check out the clip (if you missed it) on ACA's website - here. And GET ENTERING to the Westfield Insider to those of you who still haven't. This really is the chance of a lifetime. Good luck to each and everyone of you xo

A biiiig thank you to everyone at Westfield and Chanel 9's ACA, and of course Rose at ARC PR. Such a lovely team xo



What an amazing and overwhelming 24 hours it's been! Started off yesterday afternoon after a long day at work, I came home to find my YSL ring waiting for me in front of my door. Happiness. And it's even more perfect than I imaginged it, I absolutely love it, and don't regret falling over my wallet anymore ;)

And then today. TODAY! Wow. It began at 5:30 am for me, getting ready and heading over to an unfamiliar Westfield Shopping Centre in Liverpool. Me and two other girls are doing a story on "The Rise of the Blogger" for Channel 9's A Current Affair, to also give you all a taste of the competition The "Westfield Insider" that began it's interviews today. As you can imagine I was pretty nervous, but it turned out to be the most fun way to spend the day. Me and the girls were given $200 and 20 minutes to style an outfit in the theme "The Maxi Dress". It's much harder than you might think, but I got away even with change to spare. If you're home tonight, the little story is airing tonight at 6:30 on Channel 9.

I'll be posting more about the outfit I put together tomorrow. I have had such a fun and fantastic day, and want to thank the Current Affair Team, the Westfield team and of course Rose. And all of you lovely people who came up to ve and praised me for my blog. It's because of you that I love what I do.

PS- ladies (and gents!) it's still not too late to enter the Westfield Insider, so if you think that you've got what it takes, get your applications in NOW!



images re-blogged from ilovewildfox.com

I also want a loft in LA. How cool are not these chicas from ilovewildfox? And I will have a loft like that before I die. I will.


Last post about NYCFW I promise. I just had to share these, I am such a little sucker for Ralph Lauren. I blame it on my Swedish background and overdosing on summers on the water, navy trends and wooden floors. It's just perfect.



gifted shirt, cut off cotton on tights, DIY necklace

Excuse my veeeery untamed hair today...

Feelin' a bit of a US of A country pumpkin in this. But I love it. My beautiful collegue (who blogs here) gifted me this shirt yesterday. How sweet is that. Thank you miss Sonia xx

I'm in a fabulous mood, the sun is shining outside and the weekend is here! I shall celebrate with a glass of rose on the balcony (topped with strawberries, of course) when I get my little butt home. This weekend we shall hang with the cool kids in Bondi. Muchess greatness xo

PS: scored this AWESOME nailpolish free with this months Australian Harper's Bazaar. There are a few colours to choose from but I love this one. Rhino grey/ brown. So sophisticated right now.



Tee from Cotton On, two for $30. Like.


own make dress, payless booties, sportsgirl hat, betts bag

Gosh can't wait til the weekend. It's slowly becoming warmer here and I love it. This summer I'm going to be rumaging around in dresses like this one that I made, denim shorts, crop tops and braided hair. Bring on the summer.