New in from work. Heart it.

We just came home from the movies- saw Shutter Island. If you haven't seen it, you need to. A Martin Scorsesse genious film with fantastic twists. And I wasn't complaining over the fact that Leo was in it either. Hohooo

So there are lots of more readers here, which I am so happy to see. Your comments make my day and make all of this so much fun and very engaging. Thank you! And to all my friends who really went out of their way last week to see that I was OK. I love all of you, and am very lucky to have the best friends ever. My week ended pretty much just as bad as the whole week was- it felt like everything was going wrong and I felt like I tried everything to make things work but nothing did. I guess just a phase, and by today I was over it. Happy again. I didn't end up making my high school reunion on Friday which suuuuucked. But hopefully we'll make it happen again. Today we have slaved over buckets, mops and vacuums to get the house clean. And it sparkles :)

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