More nightmares. Still waking up feeling like a zombie. Cannot for the life of me understand why. If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of them please do let me know! -.- Taking to tea tonight before I try to sleep. Maybe that will help. Today I've been working away as usual, on a new catalogue for our Basics Stores. You guys have't missed SUPRÉ Basics now, have you? They are new concept stores that only stock... well - Basics! Great things for the gym, those white singlets that I use under pretty much everything etc. Also more fashionable basics like over-sized dresses and tops in blacks, whites and basic colours.

Paid bills today too. What a good girl I am. Just looking at this realizing how dark my hair is..! Think it needs a bit of lightening up.

maxi - SUPRÉ


thesydneygirl said...

wow! didnt know there was a basics store!

Jemery said...

no no no.. black hair is the bomb!!