I know this doesn't intrest many of you, but I'm not saying you have to read it either ;) Bikes. So I test rode two little rockets on the weekend; a Ducati Monster 696 and a Honda CBR 600. It is time to let my baby GSXR go soon, my man thinks the 1000cc's is too much for me. I don't. But I know that my man probably has more brains (and sense) than me, so I agreed to test ride somethings new. And truth be told, I had a lot of fun.

Honda CBR 600

This little sexy thing was amazing- I couldn't over the rocket swish sound it gave off. Felt similar to the GSXR in handling, but it doesn't pull as hard as the GSXR when you open it up. I was told I would hardly be able to tell the difference in power between the 1000cc's and the 600cc's on a sportsbike. Lie. I definately could, even though the 600 has more than enough power for me. If I'm being sensible... (which I'm not)

Ducati Monster 696

Beautiful, isn't it? It's a Ducati. That usually does it for most people, but let me tell you I wasn't convinced at first. Now keeping in mind that I ride a sportier type bike that this - not as upright and completely different dimensions. But after I got used to this very small, nimble thing I began having a lot of fun on the road. I can almost compare this to a Cocker Spaniel; it does whatever you want it to do. Opened it up, and even though it's no way near as neck-snapping as the CBR, this thing does have balls. Very easy, comfertable, FUN.

Triumph Speed Triple

I have this booked in for next weekend. A Triumph. Looks wise this is not a bike for me. Baby almost bought one of these before bringing home his beloved Buell 1125CR. He loves them and convinced me to give it a go. Can't hurt. But I am not in general a fan of naked bikes, and this one's headlights are too old skool for me. But hey, if it's a good ride... ;)

Kawasaki Z750

...and a long with the Triumph I am giving this one a test run next weekend too. I love the look of this bike. As I said before not a "naked bike" person, but this sits somewhere in between. Since I haven't ridden any of these two last ones I am mainly judging cosmetically, which is wrong, but I don't have much else to go by as of yet. The sit of this bike was very comfertable. And I would feel more comfertable ona sexy looking bike. I'm vain, but at least I know it. If this became mine I would definately change the exhaust. And those stupid rearview mirrors. Will give you a reviewed update of these two last ones after the weekend.


Dusk said...

Fantastic! I too am not in to naked bikes, definitely a full fairing aficionado.
..urgh...the mirrors on the Kawasaki...shudder, what next? a basket for your flowers? You'll miss your Suzuki.

Oh I envy you this rush. I no longer ride.

Anonymous said...

Om jag var du skulle jag köra på CBR'n, helt fantastisk! ... dessutom kommer du se ashet ut på den :)

Dusk said...

Hello again Steph...thanks for the comment on my blog :)

I remember seeing a pic of you on your gorgeous hunk of steel (your bike, not your man!), it reminded me of this woman. I love her. She is awesome.
Leslie Porterfield

...and this is my dream bike, except the mirrors on this are also annoying, a bit "hello I'm a vespa"!!... but that can be fixed.
Ninja ZX6RR
...I have a sneaky suspicion it's all about the colour for me!!

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog, I love your pics, your musings, thoughts, etc and the way you put everything together. But of course, you are a designer!
(and sorry if I sound a bit "mumsy" but I do have children around your age)

Jemery said...

Awesome, glad you had fun and yes I do agree 1000cc's is a bit much for the road.. If you want to put a sock in Stefan's mouth just go to Eastern Creek with him and post better lap times hehe

I love the look of the Speed Triple and the Monster looks great too (especially when it's decked out in Carbon Fibre bits)

At the end of the day just gotta keep testing them until you find what's perfect for you. Good luck!