dress and belt from work

Lovlies, how are you all? I have a very busy day ahead - we just finished shooting the next campaign on Monday this week so I have been working on new lookbooks, posters, magazine ads and window fittings. I can't show you the shots yet but they look AMAZING. We've used Shanay Hall again, don't know if you've heard of her but this girl truly has somehting going for her. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of her with other big shots very soon. You might have spotted her on the cover of RUSSH magazine last year. I love her facial features.

As you might have noticed I am still feeling slightly off and empty. Don't mind me as I know it's what you, yourself make of it and I am trying to cheer up and just keep moving. Thank you for all your sweet comments it really does help me realize that I just need to shake it off! =) Back to work, speak soon.


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