Last week I got a tester set sent to me from CLINIQUE. Now I do love my skin care, and my Mum has used nothing but Clinique for as long as I can remember. I sometimes borrowed her things, but always thought that there was nothing special about their products. So I was neither thrilled or excited when I got this little box sent to me.

3-Step Skin Detox
You know how they always say that you wish you listened to your Mother. I wish I did. In this box set there was a three step -two day tester kit, with a little sample of face wash, toner and moisturizer to be used twice daily. The whole idea is a "Skin Detox" - to cleanse and improve the look and feel of your skin. And let me tell you - it did! This stuff is fantastic and I had a softer and more radiant face after just two days. Of course I got excited and wanted to jump online to buy the full product - only to find that it's sold out! Bummer. So I'm hanging in there - Clinique is not cheap ladies and gentlemen. But if you have sensetive and choosy skin like me, this is definately one to consider.

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