I was listening to NRJ over the web at work today, a Swedish radio station that was like a drug back home. So happy to see that my fave morning show radio hosts are still doing their thing- Knappen & Hakim. Two awesome boys. So when u was listening I heard an ad by and old Swedish Idol judge, Peter Swartling. Turns out he now owns a music production company called RedOne. They are seeking new talent to produce in New York. And in the background I heard Lady Gaga. Hm.

Decided to look it up, and turns out that RedOne have produced Lady G, along with Akon, Alexandra Burke and many many more. No wonder the Lady had the infamous Alexander Skarsgard in her Papparazzi clip and now has another Swede Jonas Akerlund directing her latest Telephone clip. Busted! A Swedish production yet again. Wow, I'm proud.

I'm completely and totally hooked on her song "Monster" which I found while researching RedOne. Repeat.

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Josefine said...

sv; jag länkar till bloggar jag gillar på min egna blogg och skriver för- & efternamn då, tänkte länka till dig och din sköna blogg nu :)