Yesterday night I spent my night with Sassisam and a room full of lucky people anticipating the show of Bowie A/W 2010. The night began in the entry of the White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale, a cute and edgy little place - perfect pick for Bowie's direction and persona. We were served Manhattan Martinis and bite-sized and were told more about the collection and about the other people in the room. Sam is an amazing woman with what seems like a million tricks up her sleeve and friends and contacts everywhere. I feel very privilaged to have been invited to the show by her and for having the opportunity to meet and spent some time with her. Truly one of Australia's most dedicated and engaging bloggers. Thank you Sam!

In the crowd I saw faced like Renee Bargh and Billy Russell [Channel V] as well as jaw dropping Nikki Phillips and the gorgeous Maude Garrett. Renee was wearing a ring form YSL that I have been eyeing for over a year, seeing it on her made my mind spin. It's just an amazing piece of jewellery which is more like a piece of art. In the model line up I noticed Australia's Top Model contestant Kristy Coulcher whom I've worked with for a few weeks here at SUPRÉ. She looked amazing, as always. Next to me I later figured out that I had Nadhal from cocolee.com.au - hehe I almost choked as I love her work and read her blog daily. What a lovely girl!

Thanks to Sam, we had front row seats. The show was breath taking and as every piece came out one after another I just found myself saying - I love that one. And that one. And look at that one. A harmanious combination of layers, embelishment, accented shoulders and beautiful fabrics, the dresses in particular left me speechless. As soon as the cashemere came on show I just nodded in awe as Nadhal whipsers "Don't you just want it ALL!?"

After the show Sam took us backstage to meet the main man himself - Bowie. What a guy! Creative, funny, successful. This has had to be one of the best nights for me in a long time, something I will never forget. So thank you again to Sassisam for making it possible, and to all of you who weren't as lucky as me check out www.bowie.com.au for stockists and more info on these amazing creations. And most of all, congratulations to Bowie!

goodie bag fromt the night, with an invitation signed by Bowie

note: more pics are coming, as to my camera dying I am just waiting for a few emails...
source from photos here

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