my new hat from Sportsgirl, boots from payless

One and a half more working days until we get a bit of a long weekend. Wonderful. I personally feel like this week, or semi week has flown by. Busy here, busy there, go here, do this. But it's much better than being bored. However I woke up this morning croaking like a frog. Feel like I'm slowy catching that compulsory Autumn cold, and I hope it stays away so we can go to the Easter Show on the weekend. I love the Easter Show. I've never experienced anything like it anywhere else in the world as engaging and fun as the one here in Sydney. The Easter Bunny has already visited me, twice. Once through the mail and once again this morning, he left a cluster of mini chocolate eggs next to my phone. Apparently my man nailed him in the lift later as he was leaving for work. We're having stew tonight. haha


Dusk said...

Fish Oil capsules, magnesium and peppermint coated garlic pills and chillis!! Forget Vitamin C via oranges and tablets, the body can't retain it.
...and carry around a small bottle of Dettol anti-bacterial hand gel. People do the polite thing and cough in to their hands then touch door knobs, etc! Yuck.

Vintage Obsession said...

our freaking gorgeous :) loving it :)

thesydneygirl said...

LOVE this pic! <3