This is my next buy, the black one in the center. $40 from Sportsgirl- amazing. I tend to be slack with hats but if I had this one I would work with it to be able to stroll down the streets with my hat this winter.

Didn't have much of a weekend, considering I was in the office until 8 on Friday and had to go in again on Saturday morning. Not feeling it. I am sick of doing other peoples work and getting left til last. As much as I love it I want my life back. And so I will make it work. This week I have to go to both the dentist and the doctor, which I will do. No more stress. No more tiredness. I want to find that energetic and enthusiastic girl I once knew, the one who loved life. Next weekend we are hitting it big with the boys in the city. And I will be celebrating my new me. Happy, confident, hardworking and enthusiastic new me.

Lots more followers to my little watermeloncrush, I love it. You guys totally make my day. Oh! Next weekend I am test riding new bikes. A Honda CBR 600 and a Ducati Monster. I'm so excited. Hope you all are having a livy Sunday, I am going to go and snuggle with my man. My amazing man :)

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