I have to start this morning off by saying screw you, Australia Post. Yesterday after a long a busy day at work I got home only to find these two beautiful packages thrown outside our main entrance by all the other's post boxes, in the rain. On the ground. What the F? The Post Office has a tendency to piss me off, but this was just the last straw. What the hell are they thinking?! 1. Anyone could have just taken my parcels. They didn't even bother to wait until someone came to leave it inside the security door. 2. On the floor? In the rain? What a joke. These guys seriously better get their act together, because getting a parcel from home makes my day more than anything, and if the bloody post office ruins that they will pay. Gawr.


Dusk said...

Tip: Always be nice to postmen and the shopping trolley guys in shopping centre car parks.
...I have a skin care business Steph so I take deliveries almost every day. My postman and the Aus Post courier are very careful with my packages.
Make sure on your next day off (if you have one) to make a point of meeting him. I know it sounds stupid but worth a try yes? Everyone likes feeling appreciated.

Steph said...

Would be more than happy to, they've never done this to me before so I don't understand why they would od this now. And I've never ever been mean to a postman, I love them! Thye are usually so sweet. But apparently I've pissed them off somehow...!?