my new boots which are still too warm to wear...

Hi my lovelies. Here in Australia we have a long weekend underway, it's Anzac Day on Sunday, so we are remembering all the war veterans with parades and services. Plus we get Monday off which I'm not complaining about. Such a busy last few days at work, which you might have noticed with my lack of updates. Spent all of Thursday finalizing the new campaing imagery and catalogue, which all look fabulous. Will post you a sneak preview on Tuesday. Then on Friday I had all the new arrivals for online to take care of, which took until about 7 pm to clear up. But hey the long weekend finaly came, and me and my collegue Sonia even managed to attend a PR birthday bash and go shopping at Napoleon Make Up's clearance sale. Which was awesome. The only disappointment was my Melbourne friend not delivering martinis and drive-way converstation as promised. What do you do. A trip to Melbourne is due soon. I shall now be returning to my rosé and long weekend. Hope you all are having a good few days off xo


that girl lucy said...

amazing boots!
i'd rather it be too hot to wear boots then freakin freezing as it is down here :(
haha anyways just came across your blog and am in love with it!
new favourite for sure x

Dark Blue said...

Those boots are the stuff dominatrix dreams are made of!

Your blog looks and reads swimmingly, wishing you great success.