A few weeks ago I was contacted by Lu Shae jewellery and was asked to review their jewellery. I, as you probably already know, love jewellery. So when I visited their website I got very excited to find a beautiful range of finer jewellery. Two weeks later, this arrived for me at the post office:

Now Lu Shae, as I read aims to offer affordable, quality jewellery. And this is exactly what this is. I was firstly very pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. The ring looks just as beautiful as in the photos on their site. What you see is what you get, which is a must with every online shop I believe. The stones are beautiful, elegant. The only ones I am not a fan of in this ring are the two skinny ones at each end, they looks slightly dull. But that was a part of the design and as a customer I guess you just have to know what you want. The only other negative I have to say about this is the actual metal that the ring is made of. The white gold rhodium is quite dull in colour, and feels cheap. I would much rather pure white gold or silver. But considering the price of this ring (retails at $130 US, Lu Shae give it to you for $70 US) I say it's a pretty good deal. So if you're looking for a more special piece with that luxury feel without a thousands of dollar price tag, I highly reccomend Lu Shae. A bonus is they ship worldwide, and fast.

Thank you to Lu Shae for giving me this review opportunity.

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