shirt: Polo Ralph, skirt: custom Levis 501's, boots: payless shoes,
socks: target

A little story board to begin your weekend with. The skirt is very old (skool) that my Mum helped me transform from a pair of vintage Levis 501's. I could live in it. Hope you all have a fabulous Friday night, I am going to tuck in to some more vitams, tea, fruits and cold & flu tablets. xo


Yve said...

I had a look on the Payless site, and all their stuff isn't that cheap, hey? I work at Novo Shoes and I noticed they have a whole lot of rip-offs of our boots and there's are not much, if at all, cheaper! Although $79 for these babies is much better than $299 for similar ones at Wittner!

You have gorgeous eyes and hair, and looove the boots!


thesydneygirl said...

hope you get better lovely!!! and me loves that vintage skirt! awesomeness! x

Michaela said...

Jättesnygga skor ju!! :)
Och du är också superfin i håret.

As always, i miss u a lot girl.

Emm said...

boots from payless? seriously? How much!!!???